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A Lost Art Of Film Journalism & PhD Analysis: The Cinema Lovers Club Story

The 21st Century, Technology, & Social-Media Age catalyzed huge ethos, zeitgeist, axiological, & paradigm shifts in the history of mankind. From formation to fins to forests to farms to factories to facebook, our evolution has bloomed in mere seconds of the clock of nature and biological life – possible by the groundbreaking advancements of S.T.E.M. One of the latest of these rewrote civilization on a foundational level: the internet. A frankenstein of our own god-complexed creation and blessing/curse, mechanization has given us the ultimate tool – one able to connect us worldwide by the type of a key, artificialize intelligence, and systematize complex equations, but just as capable of isolationism and proselytizing us into a new world order/religion of basing real-world value, currency, self-worth, & psychosocial identity off #’s and likes.

One of the fields most radicalized by the new landscape was journalism: the biggest aggrandizement since Gutenberg’s 1430’s Print Renaissance & evolution of possibility since Shakespeare, 10x moreso. News and content was now deliverable to billions worldwide at the touch of the fingertips – re-engineering fiscal structures and how media is consumed & shared on foundational levels. The celebratory eureka, unfortunately, however became a toxic self-cannibalizing agent to the history, lore, and heart/soul of the field; the rise of instant gratification, TL;DR culture, and shortening-attention spans becoming the drivers of news psychology where once they were the enemy. On critical analysis, though, quantity & quality are interdependent: a core apothegm obvious in the context of academia CLC Founder/CEO Raj Bhagowalia noticed back in 2017 was hurting a field he loved – and was driven to change.

Raj Bhagowalia is an Ivy League-educated cinephile and Harvard graduate with a lifelong passion for cinematic analysis. The son of immigrants from Punjab, India, Raj breathed in the dreams and sacrifices of his parents from a young age to earn multiple degrees from top world universities (B.Sc from Emory & Master’s from Harvard) before becoming the first in his family’s history to be accepted & go to Medical School until the infrastructure nightmare of COVID-19 prompted him to take a step back, introspect, and re-evaluate his life’s passions and intrinsic happiness. Back in college, Raj diagnosed a massive decline in the breadth, qualifications, & quality of 21st-century film criticism/journalism – a cancerous malignant tumor he was determined to excise, loving film dearly since childhood in a life it’s since filled with joy and even saved in his darkest moments.

The core principle of Science, Medicine, The Ivy League, & Academia is: true, in-depth research and analysis is a responsibility to our subjects and the world. There’s a reason PhD-theses & final papers are never only 2-3 pages. You would also never want someone with a high-school education or mediocre college resumé to do your next open-heart surgery, right? Why should Cinema – the most complex, layered, & analytical artform: a perfect elemental fusion of music, visual arts, literature, and theatre engineering the cultural zeitgeist, enabling fantasy experience beyond the realms of physics only limited by the imagination, catechizing the very soul of what it means to be human, & shifting billions of dollars in worldwide marketplaces daily – be held to *any* lighter of a standard?

The foundation of Cinema Lovers Club back in September 2017 was to reimagine film journalism beyond the lazy, apathetic, passionless, superficial 1-2 paragraph scribbles of education-deficient joe schmoe critics to revitalize the Lost Art of Golden-Age Cinematic Analysis. We pride ourselves on bringing old-world craftsmanship, scientific methodology, & the greatest analytical depth in the world to film – juxtaposing a perspective of youth and diversity being People Of Color in our 20’s from an extremely-underrepresented minority culture in the field, all contextualized in a beautiful avant-garde modern viz aestheticization. Now with 150,000+ Club Members across platforms, major publications, festivals, press credentials, and studio recognition, we’re just getting started!

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