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A Lost Art Of Film Journalism & PhD Analysis: The Cinema Lovers Club Story

The Late 2010’s & Technology/Social Media Age brought huge cultural & sociological shifts around the world. The rise of instant gratification catalyzed by STEM-evolution made exigent delivery of media possible for millions on social media. There was a striking dilution of quantity – wherein quickest-and-easiest [somehow] meant ‘better’ in this new landscape of TL;DR culture & shortening attention-spans driving news psychology. On critical analyses, though, quantity & quality are co-dependent: a trend CLC Founder/CEO Raj Bhagowalia noticed back in 2017 was hurting modern cinema – and was driven to change.

Raj Bhagowalia is an Ivy League-educated cinephile and Harvard graduate with a lifelong passion for film analysis. The son of immigrants who highly-prioritized academia and achievement for their children to make better lives for themselves, Raj earned multiple degrees (B.Sc from Emory & Master’s from Harvard) before becoming the first in his family’s history to be accepted & go to Medical School. Raj equally noticed & diagnosed a massive decline in the breadth, qualifications, & quality of 21st-century film criticism/journalism – a fact that did not sit well with him, loving film dearly since childhood in a life it’s since filled with joy and even saved in his darkest moments.

The core principle of Science, Medicine, Ivy League, & Academia is: true, detailed analysis is a responsibility to our subjects & the world. There’s a reason PhD-theses & final papers are never only 2-3 pages. You would also never want someone with a mediocre high-school or college education/resumé to do your next open-heart surgery, right? Why should Cinema – the most complex, layered, & analytical artform: a perfect elemental fusion of music, art, literature to engineer zeitgeists, catechize the very soul of what it means to be human, & shift Billions of $ in worldwide markets daily – be held to *any* lighter of a standard?

The foundation of Cinema Lovers Club back in September 2017 was to reimagine film journalism beyond the lazy, apathetic, passionless, superficial 1-2 paragraph scribbles of education-deficient joe schmoe critics to revitalize the Lost Art of Golden-Age Cinematic Analyses. We pride ourselves on bringing old-world craftsmanship, scientific methodology, & the greatest analytical depth in the world to film – juxtaposing a perspective of youth and diversity being People Of Color in our 20’s, contextualized in avant-garde visual aesthetics. Now with 150,000+ subscribers & major publications, we’re just getting started!

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