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A Lost Art Of Cinema, Film Analysis, Credentials, Meritocracy: The CLC Story

The 21st Century & Technology/Social-Media Age catalyzed huge paradigmatic shifts in the world of mankind. From formation to fins to forests to farms to factories to facebook, our evolution bloomed in mere seconds on the clock of nature and biological life – possible by the groundbreaking advancements of S.T.E.M. One of these rewrote civilization on a foundational level: the internet. A frankenstein of our own god-complexed creation, mechanization gave us the ultimate tool – one able to connect us worldwide by the type of a key, artificialize intelligence, and systematize complex equations, but just as capable of isolationism and proselytizing a new world order/religion of basing real-world lives, currency, economy, govt., psychosocial identity, etc. off #’s, likes, 0’s & 1’s.

Amongst the major changes was our civilizational relationship with words: the biggest aggrandizement of scale since Gutenberg’s 1430’s Prints & evolution of possibility since Shakespeare, 10x moreso. Literacy became as natural, orthodox, & fundamental a part of life as walking or breathing, wherein it was once a gauge index of status only available to few. News, media, and the every thought of everyone was now deliverable and consumable worldwide by billions at the touch of fingertips and press of a ‘send.’ The celebratory eureka could’ve begun a Neorenaissance, but tragically became a materialization of social devolution – catalyzed and accelerated by intrinsic preferences and capitalism. This maxim, visible by lost complexity in many artistic fields, was extremely pronounced in the field of journalism; instant gratification, TL;DR culture, groupthink, and shortening attention spans became drivers of news psychology wherein once they were the enemy. On critical analysis, though, quantity & quality are interdependent: a core apothegm obvious in academia CLC Founder/CEO Raj Bhagowalia noticed was hurting a field he loved – and was driven to change.

Founder/CEO Raj Bhagowalia is a Harvard graduate & multi-company executive businessman with a lifelong passion for cinema. The son of First-Generation Immigrants from India, Raj breathed in the hardships of his parents from a young age – working minimum wage since teenagedom while seeing his parents lost in 9-5 desk jobs and the rat-race. Post-graduation with a B.Sc from Emory, Raj confluxed a genius IQ with back-breaking work ethic to become the first person in his family’s history to go to both The Ivy League with a Master’s from Harvard and Medical School at Liberty COM. Never forgetting his dreams of luxe, though, Raj began stock-investing his wages and grad earnings – dreaming of paying off his mountains of student debt and evolving from ramen noodles x shoebox apts. A Natural Precocity In Finance & Medical-Sharpened Discipline, IQ, Work Ethic, & Analysis paid off: bigger-and-bigger Real Estate and Stock Market investments to unfathomable levels; Raj Bhagowalia became a Multi-Millionaire with an 8-Figure+ Net Worth (in only his 20’s!). Now the Founder/CEO and Owner of 4+ Companies and LLC’s in a variety of fields from Real Estate to Exotic & Hypercar Sales, Raj is living The American Dream – but never forgot his early childhood passion for movies, and determination to fix the broken and dying field.

The foundation of Cinema Lovers Club in September 2017 was to cure the cancer of modern cinema through its discourse: lazy, apathetic, passionless, dumbed-down, superficial 1-2 paragraph scribbles by wildly-unqualfied, education/IQ-deficient joe schmoe critics; a plague to the institution accelerating the degradation of & catalyzing the rise of ‘turn your brain off’ kitsch > cinéart. There’s a reason PhD theses are never only 2-3 pages, Twitter thinkpieces aren’t a citable typology, & the high-school / Walmart day-shift resumés of ~every film critic today would be laughed out of the room or substitute toilet paper in *any* field of intelligence, qualifications, or importance. You’d never want the janitor or local crackhead/bum to do your next open-heart surgery, right? Why should Cinema – the most complex, layered, & analytical artform: a perfect elemental fusion of music, visual arts, literature, and theatre engineering the cultural zeitgeist, enabling fantasy experience beyond physics only limited by imagination, catechizing the very soul of what it means to be human, & shifting billions of dollars in world marketplaces – be held to *any* lighter of a standard? CLC prides itself on The Highest IQ, Depth, Passion, Quality, & Education Ever In The Field Of Film Criticism – a crux mission of restoring a lost art to the movies we love. Now with 1,250,000+ Club Members across platforms, major publications, press credentials, festival/organization invites, & studio recognition, we’re just getting started!

Welcome To The Club!

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