Focus (2015)

The phenomenal romantic duo-of-thieves Will Smith and Margot Robbie [one of the all-time greats] elevate this sly, sleuthing, twisty master-of-misdirection tale into a fantastic Super Bowl XVIII-set heist – with high stakes, pure excitement, glamorized sets, and plenty of beautiful subterfuge. 8.2/10.

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Plot Synopsis: Nicky (Will Smith), a veteran con artist, takes a novice named Jess (Margot Robbie) under his wing. While Nicky teaches Jess the tricks of the trade, the pair become romantically involved; but, when Jess gets uncomfortably close, Nicky ends their relationship. Three years later, Nicky is in Buenos Aires working a very dangerous scheme when Jess — now an accomplished femme fatale — unexpectedly shows up. Her appearance throws Nicky for a loop at a time when he cannot afford to be off his game.

Official CLC Score: 8.2/10