Alien Vs. Predator (2000)

Plot Synopsis:

*Plot Synopsis*

Official CLC Review

Pros: easter egg movie creature frankenstein background /// phenomenally intriguing historical angle first pyramid underground in antarctica features of aztec egyptian and cambodian features /// recruit team of archoelogists scientsits and engineers to make descent into world’s buiggest discovery that could change the understyanding of human history could not ask for bigger stakes /// built by first civilizAtion thousands of years ago when arctic was habitable mysterious heat bloom /// below 2000 feet weylani corporation /// theme of how be remember mr weylani finally giving a backstory to man infamous behind entire franchise pulling strings alien wants to have legacy discovery and prolong life fear of death /// fine performances nothing special but adequate /// probably the greatest pitch in blockbuster history /// set pieces also some of the most impressive in blockbustr history giant pyramid stone underice 2000 feet down ancient monolithc sculpture and carvings

Cons: EXTREMELY violent and gore-heavy many innocent buystanders might be one of the most violent movies ever made/// lore establishment of original moive goes against hunts unarmed predator ///

1 – Cool mystical/historical angle pitting the two most iconic movie creatures. Shallow characters/violence but delivers on title. 6.5/10. / 2 – Awful sequel. 2/10.

AVP: Alien Vs. Predator – 6.5/10

Most Memorable Moment: Alien vs. Predator battle scene where they meet. Epic.

Pros: Cool mystic/ancient history angle for Alien and the Predators involving three of the most naturally fascinating ancient civilizations- Egyptian, Aztec, and Cambodian, not too long, good pacing and action/horror scenes – keeps you entertained (excluding the final queen vs. alexa fight), delivers on its title and then some – scene where Alien meets Predator stunning and epic, Great CGI – Aliens looked amazing in their rendering, best yet, overall satisfying to Alien fans (and I assume Predator fans too)

Cons: Stereotypical horror setup with shallow cardboard characters (but then again who goes into this type of movie for intricate character development), violence overwhelming by any standards with both Aliens and Predators hunting people (Predators should’ve just gone after Aliens), final act queen vs. Alexa should have been cut out – leave the theater with a bad taste in your mouth after an otherwise solid movie

Overall Rating: 6.5/10