A visually stunning cinematic look into the seemingly impossible Battle of Thermopylae, 300 is an epic and unforgettable war film. THIS IS SPARTA. 8.7/10

300 follows King Leonidas of Sparta as he leads an army of mere 300 Spartan warriors against the Persian god-king Xerxes and his unlimited army of hundreds of thousands.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

One of the most visually striking films I’ve ever seen, 300 was the first film I saw by Zack Snyder and one that instantly encapsulated me in the beauty of his cinematic style. It is truly artful and is like a series of expertly crafted paintings depicting the character study, the way I always viewed films to be in their height. Aside from the visual clarity and stunning cinematography, the story is also encapsulating and fascinating as well: the story of the Battle of Thermopylae, in which an army of only 300 Spartans took on a army as massive as imaginable in the Persian army of Xerxes.

I have to admit: the movie is extremely violent and may not be palatable for many average or squeamish viewers, but it is after all a war film and what else can one expect from it? It is thus silly to overjudge the film on that point, although there are a couple of directorial decisions that could have been diminished or let out, such as. The narrative form is also clearer and more well-defined than many Snyder films like Watchmen, and is also more complete of a storytelling adventure. My only problem with the film is that the gore and excessive killing can be excessive, even for a war film, and thoroughly disconcerting for most viewers. But, the size and scope of the story of the Persian army being so massive that it causes earthquakes and the ground to shake, as well as arrows that actually black out the sky.

Most memorable moment: of the film for me has got to be 2 tied: one when young Leonidas goes up against a black wolf in the snowy mountain at night, and 2. When the arrows fired by the Persian army actually blacked out the sky from being so numerous

Pros: Amazing cinematography and visual FX, Encapsulating story of war and sacrifice, Great character portrayals and acting. Thrilling battle/war scenes.

Cons: The Gore and Killing can be midly excessive, even for a war film

Overall Rating: 8.7/10