AHS: Cult (2017)

Though brilliant in concept bravely/innovatively centered around the infamous 2016 election night that shocked the world, S7 abrasively politicizes in sweeping generalizations what could’ve been a dual-characterization study.. w/o clowns. 4/10.

Plot Synopsis: Set just after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, AHS: Cult follows a community torn apart by a dangerous cult leader who uses fear as a weapon in the award winning series’ seventh installment.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Review: Although brilliant in concept bravely/innovatively centering around the infamous 2016 election night that shocked the world – with a charged opening right into that moment that changed U.S. history and creative-fueled fervor only AHS could muster with characteristic strong performances by its seasoned Peters-led cast (this time getting divided into wholly-varied ultra-realist political sides they certainly do wonders with the problematic writing given to them) and a few decent scares like the supermarket & opener ending – S7 abrasively politicizes what could’ve been spectacular as hinted in S7E1 a character study of both sides (especially MAGA-ians in desperate need of some introspective psychoanalysis) to examine the wild difference of opinion and world-outlook between them with some fresh politician-themed/corrupt Washingtonian horror into instead a hodge-podge of unfocused, stereotyped, cacophonous, trigger-full, Lange-less political generalizations that even somehow feel condescending to both sides – with an unscary/stale (masturbating) clowns plot lazily retreading past territory like Asylum’s sanity & shameless Twisty-pandering all-in-all scarier in screenplay dullness & failed delivery on its yuge potential promise than actual ‘Horror Story’.. or the thought of having Trump as President.

Official CLC Score: 4/10