AHS: Roanoke

A sublime colonial hauntable premise & backwoods NC location setting turn up the macabric atmosphere after the problematic Hotel; with dark tone, unique narrative structure, simplicity in old-world scares, and – of course – the bizarrity of Pigman. 8.1/10.

Plot Synopsis: AHS: Roanoke, the sixth installment of the award-winning series, explores the horrors of one of America’s greatest mysteries.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Review: A sublime colonial hauntable premise & backwoods NC location setting turn up the macabre and atmospheric chills in this nicely-simple return to roots after the peacockish (all show but no meat) Gaga-laden Hotel. Refined solemnity in tonal mix and score, unique narrative device telling the story through interview structure with reenacted live-action vignettes to make use of its top-tier cast only further aided by the phenomenal (show-stealingly versatile) Cuba Gooding, Jr., clear-cut simplicity in Paranormal Activity-meets-13-Colonies-meets-Blair-Witch scares with homages to earlier seasons of AHS in Murder House and Asylum with inventive scares like the bathtub one, plenty of Easter Eggs to the most haunted time in American history an effortless intrigue, impressive period authenticity in sets and costume design on a more intimate familial scale, strong character work with old-fashioned attentionn to development, wild season opening, & – of course – Pigman now central in AHS-lore. Though hindered by countless heavy-hitter absences like Roberts, Lange, Peters, and Taissa Farmiga with (sacrilegiously) no signature fan-favorite opening credits sequence, Roanoke is a return to form and one of the upper-tier seasons of AHS.

Official CLC Score: 8.1/10