Air Bud (1997)

Though the charm of man’s best friend is off-the-charts and sheer-entertainment value of watching a dog play basketball [strikingly-well] enough alone to warrant-a-watch, the non-scriptability of its premise amounts to nothing more than a novelty-item/circus-act. 5.7/10.

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Plot Synopsis: Diffident in the wake of his father’s death, high schooler Josh (Kevin Zegers) struggles to adapt to his new home in Washington state. That all changes, however, when he signs up to be the school basketball team’s manager and discovers that his pet dog Bud, a stray golden retriever he took in, can play the sport amazingly well. After Bud joins the team, Josh’s life brightens considerably, until the dog’s former owner Norm Snively (Michael Jeter) returns in hopes of reclaiming the pooch.

Official CLC Score: 5.7/10