The Best Pokémon Generations (Ranked)

1. Gold/Silver/Crystal/HG/SS, 2. Red/Blue/Yellow/FR/LG/Let’s Go, 3. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/ORAS, 4. Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, 5. Sun/Moon/US/UM, 6. Sword/Shield, 7. Black/White/BW2, 8. X/Y

Pokémon is a series of video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company as part of the Pokémon media franchise

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1. Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal/HG/SS

Back & better than ever with bold new gameplay, the best starters in series history, magic in charisma/life-bursting Pokémon designs, a rich story packed with sensational Lugia/Ho-Oh/Legendary Dogs/Celebi legendaries, the best feature additions *ever* in Shiny & Buddy Pokémon, Day/Night Cycles making for time-based differences in catching, & the only game to (shockingly) include TWO regions for twice the adventure (+ Post-Game) value of any other title, G/S/C are the *definitive* Pokémon experience & one of the Top 5 greatest video games of All-Time. 10/10.

2. Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow/FR/LG/LetsGo

The games that started it all back in 1996 & launched what would become the world’s biggest franchise ever & a 1,000+ Pokémon empire, R/B/Y changed video games bringing monsters to your Pocket – complete with 151 timeless creature designs, the series’ mascot pioneering color-hued gaming, the best series rival ever in Gary, unparalleled Kanto region, difficulty in gameplay from its first gym battle, iconic legendaries, the blueprint of the series most of which still holds up to this day decades later, & a magic free-roam adventure. One of the greatest & perhaps THE most revolutionary video game ever made – along with Super Mario Bros. 10/10.

3. Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald/OR/AS

The greatest legendaries of All-Time from Mayan-apocapytic themed gods Kyogre, Groudon, & Rayquaza to our personal favorites Latias/Latios to Regi’s to Deoxys, a breathtaking new (water-surfable) Kyūshū island-based region, new features like double battles and Abilities changing the meta, serviceable Mudkip-led starters & final evolutions, 135 strong new Pokémon, a massive evolutionary leap in graphics from the 8-Bit Game Boy -> GBA, and brand new dual-team villains entirely separating versions with differential storylines based on natural (elemental) awe make R/S/E and their breathtaking evolutions OR/AS the 3rd – and 3rd best – Generation. 9.7/10.

4. Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

Expanding the mythology with a beautiful new Hokkaidö-inspired region in Sinnoh, great (but not Emerald-level) legendaries led by brilliant-standout demonization Giratina, a third version that’s far different from its previous two in Platinum, fantastic Empoleon-led starters, gender differences and 3DS Wi-Fi features while reinventing several classic Pokémon evolutionary-lines with clever additions like Togekiss, secret bases, Pokémon contests,& a revamped battle mechanic importantly distinguishing physical and special moves regardless of type, D/P – despite a comparatively-primitive audio track – are another great round of Pokémon adventures. 9.3/10.

5. Pokemon Sun/Moon/USUM

Shaking up the formula with increasingly lush graphics, a breathtaking new Hawaii-based region, brilliance in tropical Kanto forms remixing or redeeming previously-forgotten Pokémon entirely, & the best box legendaries since Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald in royal-luminescent Solgaleo/Lunala, but polarizing Island Challenge motif feeling dramatically un-Pokémon-like & too much condescension in hand-holding, Sun/Moon are a flawed but overall-strong new generation. 8.5/10.

6. Pokémon Sword/Shield

A storybook feel achieved through plush tracking visuals, rich English-themed terrain, Dynamax kaijuism in the perfect gym redesign, and the best starters & new PKMN since G/S/C recapturing the magic of its ’90’s early-series creature designs, but mixed box legendaries & no National Dex: a *massive,* game-breaking omission/betrayal of the foundation of Pokémon as a concept. 7.6/10.

7. Pokémon Black/White/BW2

A peculiar idiosyncratic visual style, compelling social justice animal rights activist-team Plasma, & fine soundtrack can’t save this overall slog that claims the title of worst Pokémon game of All-Time – by the worst new Pokémon of All-Time (ultimately the singular most important thing you come to a PKMN game for) and most boring (literally monotonic) box legendaries ever. 6/10.

8. Pokémon X/Y

Although with phenomenal box legendaries in Xerneas & Yveltal paralleling a life & death motif, polygonal 3D graphics, Fairy-type addition shaking up the meta, and brilliant/game-changing introduction of Mega-Evolutions reinvigorating, improving, or redeeming All-Time classic Pokémon entirely, X/Y are a better-than-B/W but weaker addition than generations-past – by an entirely-forgettable villain team, thin & melodramatic storyline, over-straightforward French Kalos region, muted colors, problematic textures, no Z version for Zygarde, & continually-lazy new creature designs. 5/10.