AHS: Apocalypse (2018)

One of TV’s wildest openings ever showing the (scarily-realist) end of the world by nuclear holocaust, AHS S8 is Hitchcockian in concept, Twilight Zone/LOTF-ian in social analysis, Biblical in scale, & Blade Runner-esque in world-building. 9.2/10.

Plot Synopsis: The world is thrust into a nuclear apocalypse, after which the world’s few chosen elite survive underground created by a mysterious organization called The Cooperative in the 8th anthological entry in the American Horror Story franchise.

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One of the wildest openings I’ve ever seen in TV-history magnificently portraying the end of the world through a thrilling street-level (realism-centric) view of nuclear apocalypse, AHS S8 is power-steeped beyond exposition. Positively Hitchcockian in concept, Twilight Zone-ic in ominous foreshadowing while feeling like it could happen tomorrow, Biblical in scale, Old Testament-reminiscent in severity, Blade Runner-esque in world-building/imaginative constructs, Romeo & Juliet-like in romance, and LOTF-ian in society rethinking all bolstered with top-notch star-studded performances and beautifully-visualized end of the world storytelling the epitome of escapist fare. Despite one weak character in socialite Esmeralda, Apocalypse drastically departs from previous AHS-horror confines and lore to deliver a societal-study masterwork of universally-accessible, four-horseman themed, intellectual television amongst the greatest of our time.

Official CLC Score: 9.2/10