Avatar: The Last Airbender (2003)

A perfect elemental fusion beyond its fire, wind, earth, and water-themed telekinetic martial arts eulogizing manga and asiatic philosophy, ATLA is a case-study in how to brace audience expectations and then satisfy them: the finest western animation show ever made – blending comedy, epic action, characterization-depth, fantasy, and complex [mature] themes like war, genocide, indoctrination, totalitarianism, imperialism, and free choice. 9.7/10.

Plot Synopsis: The world is divided into four nations — the Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nation and and the Air Nomads — each represented by a natural element for which the nation is named. Benders have the ability to control and manipulate the element from their nation. Only the Avatar is the master of all four elements. The ruthless Fire Nation wants to conquer the world but the only bender who has enough power, the Avatar, has disappeared … until now. His tribe soon discovers that Aang is the long-lost Avatar. Now Katara and Sokka must safeguard Aang on his journey to master all four elements and save the world from the Fire Nation.

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