AVP: Requiem (2007)

AVP: Alien vs. Predator: Requiem – 2/10

Pros: Great concept of the Aliens coming to Earth and invading, Predator more badass than in the original AvP, cool continuity sequence beginning where the original left off

Cons: Some of the worst lighting I have EVER seen in a movie – so dark and murky you literally have to strain your eyes to even see what’s going on for half the movie, rendering it nearly unwatchable really, endless violence- even the original attempted to have a story or bigger point beyond just striking everything that moves.. numbingly mindless violence that is again too much because of Alien and Predator’s kills but this one is far more extreme, badly acted characters with no depth or development whatsoever – about as interesting as a rock (no one walks into action team-match movies like these expecting Oscar-winning performances but c’mon), plot holes galore – why does only one Predator come to fight instead of an army to exterminate the threat? why didn’t the predator on the original ship blow it sky high when he knew it was about to crash? etc., disappointing and poorly thought out ending that is far too easy a solution

Overall Rating: 2/10