Banjo-Kazooie! (1998)

One of the most hyperimaginative, über-charmingly designed, polygonal-texturized, mechanically-advanced, immaculately-scored, and definitive free-roamers of all-time, Banjo-Kazooie is a masterpiece 3D adventure across nonlinear worldbuilds and zenith N64 classic. 9.2/10.

Pros: Great storyline and writing a simplistic yet intriguing premise in a witch trying to steal your sister’s beauty and you have to go on an adventure to rescue her back, great design both in world, look for the time, and character design with lovable and rich characters like Banjo and Kazooie and a good villain in Gruntilda, great soundtrack, good free roam and controls – playing it even 20 years later it’s crazy to see how much this and SM64 paved the way for modern open-world games, excellent 3d platform an worthy successor to Super Mario 64, deep textures and gameplay with well-designed levels, hilarious writing and interplay especially betweeen Kazooie and the mole, goofy gags that will make any kid smile ear-to-ear and wreaks of nostalgic joy, unparalleled motion fluidity for the time – gameplay is so smooth that it might be the best I’ve played on the N64, gets the camera angles perfectly – one of the problems I had with Mario but that has been geniusly solved here, well-designed characters

Cons: Talking voice grunts get REALLY annoying – almost unbearable and makes you fear any time where you have to talk to people, a lot of tutorial stuff which not only will the player have a hard time remembwring and scarcely use all of the moves – takes away from gameplay time for “manual time” so to speak, does play A LOT like Super Mario 64, which, while this game is great, c’mon it’s not match for one of the greatest games of All-Time,

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