The 2010’s: Best & Worst Films And TV

Best Films: 1. Parasite (2019), 2. Roma (2018), 3. The Social Network (2010), 4. Django Unchained (2012), 5. Birds Of Passage (2018), 6. Moonlight (2016), 7. POALOF (2019), 8. Get Out (2017), 9. Boyhood (2014) 10. Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Best Films Of The 2010’s [Still In-Progress, Finalized 12/3!]

1. Parasite (2019)

masterpiece of socioeconomic classism discourse, parabolic cinematography, home invasion thrills, black comedy, poverty dreams, cultural themes, & elegiac tale that defies categorization & perplexes long after the credits roll, Bong Joon-Ho’s South Korean allegorical thriller ‘Parasite’ is mythic cinema by a filmmaker in complete control of his craft and the best film of the 2010’s. 9.8/10.

2. Roma (2018)

Gorgeously filmed in auteur vintage black-and-white with cultural vibrancy & a powerful elegiac critique of 1970’s Mexico turmoil on a personal Cuarón semi-autobiographical scale, Roma is one of the greatest films of the 2010’s. 9.7/10.

3. The Social Network (2010)

A modernized parable of ethos, betrayal, & richly-crafted storytelling, The Social Network remarkably explores the human & controversial roots of the most popular website in world history – and the rise of The Social Media Age. 9.7/10.

4. Django Unchained (2012)

A bloody masterpiece and brilliant Revisionist U.S.-Western from mythic eccentric Quentin Tarantino, Django Unchained is a highly-stylized/wild tribute to Spaghetti Westerns of 1960’s boasting a legendary cast, scipt, & Christoph Waltz performance. 9.6/10

5. Birds Of Passage (2018)

An artistically magisterial juxtaposition of cultural traditions through the lens of Guajira, Colombia’s Wayuu to vile modernities like drug cartels in the weed-hazy 1970’s, Guerra/Gallego’s spaghetti western/foreign film is cinematic brilliance and one of the best films of 2018. 9.6/10.

6. Moonlight (2016)

7. Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (2019)

A brushstroke of pathos, romance, & visually-captivating emotion amongst the seaside cliffs of 18th-Century France, Céline Sciamma has delivered a powerful Cannes-worthy masterpiece in Portrait Of A Lady On Fire – as well as perhaps the most breathtaking LGBTQ film ever made. 9.3/10.

8. Get Out (2017)

An innovative & original breath of fresh air for the Horror genre, Get Out analyzes racial dynamics and psychological/body horror in a thrilling, thought-provoking way, while establishing Peele as an exciting prodigious new directorial talent to watch.

9. Boyhood (2014)

10. Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Aggrandizing the original’s scale with breathtaking cinematography & VFX-innovation paralleling a rich Villanueve lore-expansion and performances by its Gosling/Leto/Ford-led cast, 2049 is a synthy, powerful sci-noir for cinephiles only – & worth a 35-year wait. 9.2/10

11. The Shape Of Water (2017)

12. The Master (2016)

13. The Witch

14. Mad Max: Fury Road

15. The Irishman

16. Lady Bird

17. Dunkirk

18. The Act Of Killing

19. Phantom Thread

20. Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives

21. You Were Never Really Here

22. At Eternity’s Gate

23. Midsommar

24. Wonder Woman

25. Free Solo

Into The Spider Verse


Train To Busan


Good Time / Uncut Gems

Little Women

Tigers Are Not Afraid

The Lighthouse


Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

The Hateful Eight

IT (2017)

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer


Self-Discovery For Social Survival


Call Me By Your Name

Ash Is Purest White

What We Do In The Shadows

The Disaster Artist


Eighth Grade

Black Swan (2010)

A Quiet Place

It Follows

La La Land

Gone Girl / Argo

Contagion (2011)

The Wolf Of Wall Street (2014)

Skyfall (2012)


Inception (2010)

Gravity (2013)

Life Of Pi


12 Years A Slave

Loving Vincent

Jojo Rabbit (2019)


The Theory Of Everything (2014)


Man Of Steel

Best TV Series Of The 2010’s

1. Chernobyl (2019)

Masterfully paced, effectively sinister, and gently cinematographed, HBO melds an elegant (though not fully capitalized in dystopian potential) slow-simmering human-centric science-accurate meticulous revisualization of the infamous nuclear tragedy that stands as some of the storied network’s best work to date and is crucial to behold in modern times. 9.7/10.

2. American Crime Story (2016)

Extravagant in operatic, Greek-tragedy like scoring and scale, powerful in top-notch Emmy-caliber performances spearheaded by Darren Criss, stunning in cinematography, & intriguing in plot structure + multi-layered symbolism, TASOGV is a tier above most other offerings on streaming this decade. 9.7/10.

3. Game Of Thrones (2011)

Dark, cleverly written, and intricately acted, Game Of Thrones is a series even fans not too crazy about the medieval fantasy genre can appreciate. 9.6/10.

4. The Night Of (2016)

The psychological and social effects & horrors of the criminal justice system are analyzed in this HBO mini-series. 9.6/10.

5. House Of Cards (2013)

A craftsmen, engrossing political drama as slick and underhanded as the backwoods politicians’ world it painted, as well as revolutionary being the original binge-watch show ~single-handedly spawning a market shift from broadcast to streaming & making Netflix the powerhouse it is today. That success & legacy was due far-and-away to its brilliantly written, acted, and materialized main protagonist: Francis J. Underwood

6. Hannibal (2013)

S1 – 9.7/10 / S2 – 10/10 / S3 – 6.5/10 /// A prequel series to Silence of The Lambs, Hannibal is a masterpiece of extreme darkness & psychological analysis (not for the feint of heart), sublime acting bolstered by Mads Mikkelsen’s chilling performance & take on Dr. Lecter, & top-notch direction/writing by Bryan Fuller. 9.8/10.

7. Arrow (2012)

Series Review: Dark, Cinematic, Beautifully-Choreographed, Vigilantism-Complex, Epic In Orchestral Score, & Rich In Character Development With A Brilliant Island Dual-Plot Motif & Career Performance By Stephen Amell As The Billionaire-Turned-Emerald Archer, DC Comics’ 2012 Arrow Is One Of The Greatest & Most Revolutionary TV Series Post-2000 – Proof-Of-Concepting Blockbuster Franchises (& The Streaming Boom) On Television. 9.6/10.

8. Scream Queens (2015)

S1 – 10/10 / S2 – 8.5/10 /// Series Review: Deftly blending deliciously-dark horror & macabre by a chillingly-designed slasher in The Red Devil with hilarious sorority/college comedy & 90’s nostalgia for one of the most unique combination mix formulas I’ve *ever* seen in the genre, SQ is absolutely brilliant and one of our favorite horror/comedy (and possibly-overall) TV Series of the 21st-century. Adjusted ~9.7/10.

9. Better Call Saul (2015)

10. Black Mirror (2011)

Westworld / Twin Peaks / Making A Murderer/Planet Earth II/Vikings/American Horror Story/watchmen/When They See Us/Dark/Atlanta/ Ashh vs evil dead/Euphoria/StrangerTu9jgs/KillingEve/TrueDetective/ValleyOfTheBoom/WaywardPines

Worst Films Of The 2010’s

1. Jack & Jill (2011)

2. Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (2015)

3. Grown Ups 2 (2013)

4. Fantastic Four (2015)

Horrifically uninspired acting, perhaps the most lifeless visuals ever, a tone feeling like you just got out of a funeral, & seemingly no attempt to even try in writing or direction, 2015’s Fant4stic is an insult to cinema, the worst superhero movie ever, & worst overall-films of All-Time contender. 1/10.

5. Cats (2019)

6. BlkXm (201)

7. Holmes and Watson (2018)

8. Gotti (2018)

9. Movie 43


Worst TV Series Of The 2010’s

1. Keeping Up With The Kardashians (2007)

2. Real Housewives Universe (2010)

3. Fred The Show (2012)

4. Marvel’s Inhumans (2017)

5. Planet Sheen (2010)

Iron Fist

James Charles

Jersey Shore (2010)

5. Stalker (2014)



The Best Films Of 2020:

1. Mank (Netflix)

2. Minari (A24)

3. Nomadland (Magnolia)

4. Soul (Pixar)

5. Colectiv (Searchlight)

6. The Trial Of The Chicago 7 (Netflix)

7. Tenet (Warner Bros.)

8. Time (Amazon)

9. Da 5 Bloods (Netflix)

10. Sound Of Metal (Amazon)

11. First Cow (A24)

12. Never Rarely Sometimes Always (Focus)

13. Palm Springs (Hulu)

14. One Night In Miami (Amazon)

15. Promising Young Woman (Focus)

16. Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom (Netflix)

17. The Way Back (Warner Bros.)

18. Freaky (Blumhouse)

19. Wonder Woman 1984 (Warner Bros.)

20. Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (Amazon)

The Worst Films Of 2020:

1. The Lodge (NEON)

2. Dolittle (Universal)

3. AVA (Vertical)

4. Artemis Fowl (Disney)

5. Like A Boss (Paramount)

The Worst TV Of 2020:

1. The Goop Lab With Gwenyth Paltrow (Netflix)

2. Too Hot To Handle (Netflix)

3. Emily In Paris (Netflix)

4. Helstrom (Marvel)

5. Ratched (Netflix)

The Best TV Of 2020:

1. Small Axe (Amazon)

2. The Last Dance (30 For 30)

3. The Flight Attendant (HBO Max)

4. The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)

5. The Boys (S2 / Amazon)

6. Raised By Wolves (HBO Max)

7. Little America (Apple TV+)

8. The Good Lord Bird (Showtime)

9. I May Destroy You (HBO Max)

10. The Haunting Of Bly Manor (Netflix)