Blair Witch (2016)

Much scarier, better cinematographed, clever in its lore-expansion, and stronger than 1999’s original in every cinematic aspect except found-footage reinvigorized originality, Blair Witch shows what BWP’s vision could’ve been at maximum execution. 7.6/10.

Plot Synopsis: Deep in the woods, after finding a clue about the mysterious disappearance of his sister in the Black Hills Forest in Maryland, a young man and his friends venture into the woods to try to figure out what happened to her. Locals believe her disappearance is connected to the legend of the Blair Witch, and when two locals act as guides showing them around the dark and winding woods, they . At first the group is hopeful, especially when two locals act as guides through the dark and winding woods, but as nights go on and they start noticing strange things happening, they realize the stories might be real.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Pros: Much better camera quality than original – original too shaky and horrifically cinematographed with dull colors but remake looks 500x better, characters FAR more likable than whiny annoying Heather and the original crew, fleshes out the story and legend of the Blair Witch much better than the original,  Valorie Curry beautiful and great actress- carries the film, jump scares and far more often than the boring original – shame this is a remake people are likely going to unfairly write off even though it’s definitely scarier and arguably better than the original and what the original should’ve been, the people actually have some sense by trying to get out when they start seeing something weird, much more intense horror scenes like the chase after Peter, Blair Witch much more terrifying ,active, and actually capturable, MUCH scarier and more intense horror – THIS is what the original should have been with scenes like breaking the stick figures and a body pops out and the BW being able to sabotage electronics and make people get lost and lure them using their friends’ screams, the house is downright horrifying, bringing Heather back in the end an awesome choice, phenomenally scary final act at the house and ending respecting the original in that it ends the same way,

Cons: Too many cuts rapidly back and forth and shaky camera – heavily distracting to the eye and not really something ordinary film students could do that technically, horror movie cliché of the non-believers laughing at first only to be horrified later, less original than the first movie – problem with being a remake although this is arguably what the original should have been, mediocre first half and set-up, the locals faking the first sighting a horrible choice, how does that one girl’s leg keep breaking so violently every second lol – she gets annoying as a character too, towards the end the camerawork gets a little too shaky and all over the place, still doesn’t give a good look at the Blair Witch – gives a couple of glimpses but I hope that’s not her as the CGI in that huge brown being did not look good at all – should’ve been black and more human-like to match up with the descriptions and story, Lisa overacts the fear WAYYYY too much in the end with this weird wheezing thing – borderline laughable, too much screaming overall – LISA! LISA! Calm down a little bit,

Overall Rating: 6.2/10