Bone Tomahawk (2015)

A brutalistic modern reinterpretation of the natural prayer-living survival & cold morality-deprivation of the wild [wild] west, Bone Tomahawk is a blood-soaked, hauntingly-realized, and star-adorned atmospheric exercise in masochism. 8/10.

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Plot Synopsis: In the Old West, a quiet town is ransacked and residents kidnapped by a mysterious group of cave dwellers. Set on rescuing them, a sheriff (Kurt Russell), his deputy (Richard Jenkins), a gunslinger (Matthew Fox), and a cowboy (Patrick Wilson) embark on a mission across the countryside to see that these savages get justice.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Pros: Good cinematography, haunting visuals and aura created with shots of skulls and skeletons etc., Kurt Russell a magnetic and phenomenally actor that steals the show (as always) and is perfect for westerns in look, attitude etc. (like in my absolutely adored The Hateful Eight), very respectably different and ambitious in its genre-bending and crossing over, picks up tremendously around the 30 min mark after a lackluster opening act, colors strangely pick up in the day time – one of my biggest complaints in the opening act, good villains in the brutal and primal Troglodytes, intriguing interplay of Westerns vs. savages, great acting overall and strong performances by Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, and Richard Jenkins, fantastic back-half – marked improvement over the opening part and saves the movie from being a dud, phenomenally designed villains and tribe – chilling white camouflage and evil animal invocation/touches, extreme realism a bold and respectable decision – no special fx or anything fake here, the REAL thing, well-written and investable characters, intriguing storyline with plenty of surprises

Cons: Bizarre opening scene, BRUTALLY violent – not for the feint of heart fair warning, colors washed out, poor opening act, slow and awkward pacing overall with head-scratching decisions like not having ANY music or background noise – Westerns usually lively with phenomenal soundtracks/themes it’s noticeably lacking, skimps on action

Official CLC Score: 8/10