Borat: Subsequent MovieFilm (2020)

A parable of Russian interference in U.S. elections with jabs at Trump’s [nightmare] America, clever disguises, epic pranks, & father-daughter bonds, Borat 2 highlights the real-world parody of 2020 – despite a poor-taste plot-twist end and heavy overpoliticization. 6.2/10.

Plot Synopsis: Released from prison for bringing shame to his country, Kazakh funnyman Borat risks life and limb when he returns to America with his 15-year-old daughter.

*Possible Spoilers Ahead*

Official CLC Review

Back To Kazakhstan

A Masterpiece Original Demanded A Nearly Two Decade Hiatus – What Better Time For A Sequel Than A Real-Life Parody: 2020?

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14 Years. That’s a damn long hiatus between sequels – but one merited by a comedic masterpiece that could’ve been retired as a one-off exposition of the evils of our world. A road trip through America & satirization-prism for racism, sexism, and Middle Eastern/U.S.-thematized bigotry, 2006’s Borat was a voracious, veracious, and versatile politically-incorrect comedy mockumentary amongst the best of the early-2000’s – narrated by a career performance/character by ambitious funnyman Sacha Baron Cohen. 2020 and the ceaseless nightmare of Trump’s MAGA-America was the perfect – if only – prospect potential-rife enough to work for a Borat sequel: a real-life so parodical and f****-up, the film could be set in our real world and not lose a gag. A parable of Russian interference in U.S. elections with jabs at Trump’s [nightmare] America, clever disguises, epic pranks, & father-daughter bond exposition, Borat 2 highlights the real-world parody of 2020 – despite a bad plot-twist ending & coercive feminist overpoliticization.

2020 In A Bottle

The Encapsulation Of Trump’s [Nightmare] America, COVID-19, Race/Sex Revolutions, & Everything Wrong With The World Today

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Borat 2 is the encapsulation of 2020 in cinematic version. A parable of Russian interference in U.S. elections and epic satirization of Trump’s [nightmare] America, only a protagonist and franchise as wacky and wild could’ve pulled off what BSMF does. The film proves Sacha Baron Cohen is still the greatest prankster of our generation [and perhaps: all-time], as well as the fact that Borat remains true to its original the preeminent vehicle for exploring cultural and societal darknesses – in a piss-take, hilarious one-of-a-kind way. The exposition of MAGA is downright brilliant in its masochistic sadism: Mexican-cage children high-fives, ‘Jews will not replace us’ double-entendres, KKK-costumes sneaking into Republican conventions, QAnon-Quarantine with conspiracists who think pots and febreeze will kill the ‘viroos’, Running Of The Karen, abortion clinic metaphorizations, Wuhan-flu anti-masker/vaxxer sing-alongs trolling a far-right extremist rally (one of our new favorite comedy sequences *ever*), compromising Rudy Guiliani underage-reporter interview, and crashing a VP Pence press-conference in full-Trump bodysuit to embarrass the duo on a national stage. Did we miss anything?

The Best Prankster Of Our Generation

True To The Original’s Spirit.. On Steroids, SBC Levels-Up His Wild Pranks & Disguises To Even The President & Vice-President

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The parodical craziness and ludicrousness of 2020 is captured skillfully by these cleverly-scripted, nuanced, and freaking hilarious scenes – that not only prominently define the horrors of our modern age in a laughably-irreverent way for the history books, but demands praise. The prospect of pulling humiliation-evocative pranks on some of the most powerful people in the free world: Cabinet members, Secret Service, and The President and Vice President Of The United States Of America is enough to make even the boldest of men’s knees shake. Sacha Baron Cohen’s herculean ballsiness to go through with acts that would’ve easily gotten him executed in many other countries or into legal lawsuits against heavy-hitting titans here [there’s even a deleted scene revealing MAGAt’s chased him violently after his Rally song] for our entertainment alone is something we must recognize and express the deepest of gratitude for – artist suffering for art. Even better due to the fact that everyone knows him from the original film, the disguises he comes up with to conceal his identity are positively-comical/bawdy – from bloggers to Indiana Jones spoofs to country stars to male-strippers to jew-nose demons. On epic stakes and ambition alone, Borat 2 might be one of the loftiest and craziest I’ve ever seen – the perfect film for a year as kooky, topsy-turvy, and unprecedented as 2020.

The Father/Daughter Bond

A Shocking Canvas-Addition Catalyzes An Often-Elegant Father/Daughter Exposition Arc – By A Breakout Bakalova Performance

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Weaved between all of this savage and v(o/e)racious satirization is a delicate father-daughter/self-love arc that limitlessly-impresses critics with its boisterously-optimistic feels. Of course, the arc starts out in the craziest of Kazakh ways by a situation only Borat could contrive: pimping out his own daughter as a bribe for old white male U.S. politicians/officials. As it progresses, though, the arc softens and grows into a bonafide love-arc of the family bond between father and daughter – and crux for dual-characterization and development of both our reporter learning how to overcome his own misogyny and egocentrism.. as well as a surprise new face. To be clear: she’s no Borat, but Bulgarian actress Mara Bakalova’s performance will no doubt be a breakout-star one – nasily-pitched [Borat’s voice is way higher/whinier too.. strange and almost Bilo-sounding, but you get used to them as it goes on] – being a good supporting role to SBC’s iconic one-of-a-kind lead fleshing out the human side of a once-bigot. The problem isn’t with [entirely] her acting, it’s with the characterization and material she’s given to work with: a neverending barrage of coercive feminist politicization. A few of the topics it provokes are clever – calling out gold-digging instagram sugar-babies who plot evil ways to screw old guys out of their hard-earned money and submitting to being glorified pets the antithesis of feminism and [brilliantly] metaphorizing abortion through a cupcake-baby her dad ‘put inside’ her to troll conservatives who still shockingly said God willed it and she needed to keep an incestual baby to show the insanity of it.

A Restriction On Funniness

There Is No Way To Make [Many] Feminist Topics Like Masturbation & Period Dances Funny – A Self-Imposed Cage Of Crickets

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These are, unfortunately, the only two good ones of the film – the majority of the film devolves into eye-rollable, unfunny feminist politicization lectures; haven’t we had enough already? I mean.. Black Christmas, Terminator: Dark Fate, Charlie’s Angels, Ghostbusters, The Twilight Zone 2019, Captain Marvel, AVA, Cats, Birds Of Prey, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, Ocean’s 8,… do we need to go on? Packing the seams of your movie with checkpoint-list SJW topics does little but create uninvolving, banal, insipid cinema proven time-and-again to bomb at the box-office – even more shocking because Borat is inherently a male-demographic franchise whose base won’t be too keen on being called out for ancestral ways of thinking long-since gone in most [evolved] parts of the world. Even if we agree with the majority of its sentiments [we at CLC do], the rapid-fire shotgunning of these points from every film coming out these days like gender studies classes hidden beneath the guise of films not transparently about that is starting to get extremely old and tiresome – pimping itself and art-focused moviemaking out for virtue-signals [hilarious most of all coming from Amazon – not exactly the exemplar of social justice and equality. Just look at Bezos’ net worth vs. minimum wage].

The Coercive Feminist Politicization

The Film’s Achilles-Heel: Overloading The Feminist Themes To The Point Of Being An Eye-Rollable, Forcible Lecture; There Are Endless Other Films On Same Topics Today

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Borat 2 wears its heart on its sleeve in feminist thematization – exposition of topics from periods to masturbation to driving to caging daughters. None of these are funny, new, or exciting/entertaining though: especially the period dance scene amongst the most vile and unwatchably-cringeworthy we’ve ever seen [who possibly wrote and thought that scene was a good idea or funny]. The screenwriters subvert common-sense characterization at the end for it: a 15-year-old girl from Kazakhstan who eats monkeys and was previously caged in a barn for her life learns to speak perfect English and, better-yet, become a top journalist with her own vlog and TV-airtime interviewing powerful people within a matter of.. days. Because feminism. Beyond that, some of the situations in BSMF were definitely-scripted: like the M.D. plastic surgeon publically-admitting to wanting underage sex, right in front of the girl’s father we’re definitely going to call B.S. on that [seeing as how I went to Med. School and not only is there a rigorous application and backstory/morality exposition, but he would lose his license he spent decades in school for for such a claim]. Also, the film’s COVID plot-twist ending is downright-stupid – not the Shyamalan-twist it thinks it is and one that pointlessly gives credence to baseless QAnon and conspiracy theorists redditing lab-creation virus backstories that funnel hatred against Asians and Asian-Americans.


A Mixed Subsequent Moviefilm

The Pranks, Disguises, & Comedy Are Epic, Cleverly Satirizing Russian US-Interference & Trump’s [Nightmare] America – Caged By Coercive SJW Feminist Overpoliticization

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Overall, Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm is a mixed project of highs and lows. We love the pranks, disguises, and epic scale of the comedy it does deliver – from the Rudy Giuliani interview to Wuhan flu song to QAnon-Quarantine to Running Of The Karen to crashing a Pence VP conference in full-Trump bodysuit. The film also works as a clever satirization of Russian interference in U.S. elections and just how f****-up reality itself has become – so parodical, the film can be set in the real-world and still find plenty of gags. True to the original’s spirit of exposing the evils of Trump’s MAGA-nightmare vision of the U.S.[and]A., SBC succeeds there.. while also featuring a graceful/indie father-daughter bond arc cruxing impressive character development by a breakout Maria Bakalova performance. The problem – it’s overloaded with coercive/forced feminist politicization. Even though its principles aren’t wrong, the act of getting SJW-lectured for 2 hours when few nations still ritualize such archaic ways-of-thinking as its daughter-manual [& there are 1,000’s of other modern films exploring the same topics] is getting downright-vexatious and tiresome. As many films have tried, there is no way to make [many] feminist checkpoints like masturbation or period dances funny or entertaining-there are quite a few gags that evoke crickets/unwatchability. The film could’ve used this misdirection towards more comedy & balance in its journalistic topics [especially Science it double-dips on with that awful COVID-conspiracy plot-twist ending & Trump-trolling it easily owes its funniest satire to as the best part of the film]. A parable of Russian interference in U.S. elections with jabs at Trump’s [nightmare] America, clever disguises, epic pranks, & father-daughter bond exposition, Borat 2 highlights the real-world parody of 2020 – despite a bad plot-twist ending and feminist overpoliticization.

Official CLC Score: 6.2/10