Bruce Almighty (2003)

Despite being one of Carrey’s most efficacious [and controlled-mayhem] performances alongside a good cast, Bruce Almighty buckles under the universal weight of perhaps the biggest concept-pitch of all-time – not nearly-ambitious, powerful, or diverse enough to tackle or ascend to its responsibility. 4/10.

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Plot Synopsis: Bruce Nolan’s (Jim Carrey) career in TV has been stalled for a while, and when he’s passed over for a coveted anchorman position, he loses it, complaining that God is treating him poorly. Soon after, God (Morgan Freeman) actually contacts Bruce and offers him all of his powers if he thinks he can do a better job. Bruce accepts and goes on a spree, using his new-found abilities for selfish, personal use until he realizes that the prayers of the world are going unanswered.

Official CLC Score: 4/10