Castle Rock

A slow-burn with finely-sculpted shots, chilly signature atmospherics, tons of King-canon Easter Eggs, & fine performances/location, albeit burning really slowly. 7.1/10.

The Stephen King multiverse is the setting for this psychological horror series that takes place in Castle Rock, Maine, which is a location familiar to fans of King’s work. “Castle Rock” explores themes and worlds that unite King’s canon, including the infamous Shawshank Prison. An anonymous phone call lures death-row attorney Henry Deaver back to Castle Rock. He is unsettled by his hometown, but he returns to help a sinister, mostly mute man being kept in a cage underneath Shawshank. Sissy Spacek and Bill Skarsgård, who starred in feature adaptations of King’s “Carrie” and “It,” respectively, are among the show’s stars.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Positives: finely-sculpted shots, chilly signature king atmospherics, mysterious opening with massive fan service going back into Shawshank Easter Eggs, good tension/suspense escalation and classical scares, brutally dark tone welcomed for king story, effective mystery escalation you can tell king had hand in this trhingt o piece together what happening, top tier actors like skarsgard and spacek a-lister s from king family films,

Negatives: too slow and uneventful getting to its plot points – fine line betweeen suspense laying and setting the mood/set-up for an effective story and just bludgeoning it snoozily,

Overall Rating: 7.1/10

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