CatDog (1998)

A frankenstein of a cartoon as bizarre, freaky, idiotic, questionable, and uncomfortable as its fe/ca-nine conjoined protagonists, CatDog’s juxtaposition of contrastive personalities and catchy bluegrass theme song crumble under the weight of its concept: a failure D.O.A. 2.5/10.

Plot Synopsis: Conjoined siblings — one a dog, the other a cat — deal with the unique challenges of their existence. Cat, the more clever of the two, frequently has a plan or a scheme in the works, and more often than not, that scheme goes awry. Together, the brothers face constant ridicule from the Greaser Dogs, as well as from Winslow, a mouse that lives in the wall of their house. Cat longs for fame and fortune, while Dog is happy chasing garbage trucks — a pursuit that always ends with Cat being towed helplessly along as Dog runs headlong after the next truck.

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