Annette (2021)

Though its powerful iconographic fantasia of strikingly hyper-manicured Caraxian shots galvanize the eye, a hypnagogic rock-opera of experimentalism in purgatory ~drowning a godly cast of Driver & Cotillard-led indie finesse in minor-keys. 7.5/10.

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Loki (2021)

A sybaritic time-travel mystery enigma w. identity, ego, hedonism, megalomaniacal themes, religion allegory, genre diversifcation, rich audiovisual panache, multiverse twist narrative: a synergized apotheosis of the MCU & eponymous trickster. 8.7/10.

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Luca (2021)

A Studio Ghibli knockoff w. a bizarre, ugly animation style ~unwatchable whenever beneath the natural beauty of the Italian Riviera, Luca is the first misfire by Pixar in years despite fine coming-of-age, immigration, & grass-is-greener themes. 4.2/10.

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