Mank (2020)

The behind-the-scenes creation of Citizen Kane, Mank is a dream ciné-experience chronicling the avant-garde writing of a masterpiece with orgasmic meta-analysis, blithe axioms, ’30’s paean, Fincher/Oldman-pedigree, glorious chiaroscuro. 9.5/10.

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Tenet (2020)

A cerebral evolution of the spy-thriller from the Da Vincian-imagination of Nolan, TENET is a time-distortion of remarkable metaphysical aspiration – w/a proficient JDW performance, chef d’oeuvre Zimmer-Göransson score, aciculate reparté. 9/10.

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Nomadland (2020)

A poetic, paradisiac, peripatetic journey of self-discovery across natural landscapes w. depth in grief/travel exposition & eulogization of the proletariat, Nomadland’s a beautifully-acted muse on the people forgotten by life, yet free to truly live. 9.4/10.

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