Wandavision+ (2021)

The best MCU project & type of avant-garde innovation we’ve craved by Marvel for 10+ years beyond blockbuster formula, WV+: boldly-stylized CBM-mystery/sci-fi/ comedy/romance/horror/fntsy of ignis ftis, phantasmagoria, TV-nostalgia. 9.7/10.

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Tenet (2020)

A cerebral evolution of the spy-thriller from the Da Vincian-imagination of Nolan, TENET is a time-distortion of remarkable metaphysical aspiration – w/a proficient JDW performance, chef d’oeuvre Zimmer-Göransson score, aciculate reparté. 9/10.

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2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

A prismatized odyssey of stars & events of galaxy/life history w. bold, complex, Da Vincian questions: ethos, mystery, origins, evol. of manknd, God, technology, nature ’01: pure sci-fi x IQ w. century-adv. A/V symphony; #2 Best Film Of All-Time. 10/10.

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An immersive technical masterstroke impossibly (and groundbreakingly) filmed in one singular continuous shot that could change filmmaking history – stunningly ~wasted by a *shockingly*-soporific plot, opening act, and cast ensemble. 7.1/10.

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