Titane (2021)

The Palme D’Or aux Festival De Cannes for 2021 is a metallically-fetishized, darkly-provocative, wildly-original Cronenbergian fuel-injection of F1-adrenaline & ghastly Rawesque body-horror from the wicked mind of Ducorneau: a jaguar’s roar. 8.9/10.

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Fear Street, Part 1 – 1994 (2021)

Though w. great killer design, retro ’90’s soundtrack, LGBTQ+, & promising concept across decades, RL Stine’s FSP1: highly-unoriginal slog of clichéd meta-slasherisms, relationship drama, teen edge, weak performances, & [yawnable] fleeting kills. 4/10.

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Old (2021)

A bizarre, original, genius new psychologcal nightmare from the beautifully-twisted mind of M. N. Shyamalan analyzing & amplifying life’s presage biological/existential horrors of aging, legacy, death in tropical [x]-paradise w adroit performances. 9/10.

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