Ready Player One (2018)

A culturally-relevant optic treat from a mind only as imaginative as Spielberg’s, RPO is an expansive, nostalgic, 80’s-glam cyberpunk fantasy adventure through the VR world on the horizon – a pop-culture crowd-pleaser that still boasts a heart. 8.7/10.

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Shrek 2 (2004)

A bonkers, 10x+ wildly-subversive potion mix of fantasy adventure x meta-comedy x mafia pictures in a children’s movie jacket, S2 crazily-twists fairy-tale clichés for a better sequel amplifying the original’s self-acceptance/inner-beauty themes. 9/10.

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Shrek (2001)

Though its animation & design aesthetics are bizarre/mixed, Shrek is a classic MA fairy-tale on acid – one of A+ meta-comedy burlesquing Disney, charismatic voice-acting, epochal 2000’s songs, deep self-acceptance & inner-beauty themes. 8.7/10.

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Pokémon: X/Y, Kalos Quest, & XYZ Animé (2013)

The Best PKMN Animé Since 1996, XYZ Mega-Evolves Anipoké: despite exc. filler, greatest new protagonist group in ages led by Alain & Serena, dynamic battles x viz, OG Rocket, epic Z/Flare/Mega/Greninja canon, de|reconstruction of Ash. 8.7/10.

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Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution (2020)

The greatest video game movie, PTFM takes cues from the world’s biggest sci-fi, horror, & action/adventure films with breathtaking new visuals and strikingly-complex religion allegory, philosophy, emotion, fandom-service, & sociology. 9/10.

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CatDog (1998)

A frankenstein of a cartoon as bizarre, freaky, idiotic, creepy, & uncomfortable as its fe/ca-nine conjoined protagonists, CD’s juxtaposition of contrastive personalities & catchy bluegrass theme crumble under weight of F-concept: a failure D.O.A. 2.5/10.

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