Tenet (2020)

A cerebral evolution of the spy-thriller from the Da Vincian-imagination of Nolan, TENET is a time-distortion of remarkable metaphysical aspiration – w/a proficient JDW performance, chef d’oeuvre Zimmer-Göransson score, aciculate reparté. 9/10.

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The Matrix (1999)

One of the greatest achievements in the history of VFX/CGI with just as powerful a concept of simuscience, TV, transgender allegory, technology, & religion mysticism, T.M.: a kinesthetic, cyberpunk new-wonderland & neoclassic of pure sci-fi. 9.6/10.

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Spectre (2015)

Though it’s just as sleek, stylish, and sibylline as any of the modern 007 films w. practical FX and more of Craig’s legendary Bond, Spectre regresses back to passé old-franchise clichés & by-numbers plots – tragicly wasting Christoph Waltz. 5/10.

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Taken (2009)

A chillingly-dark, nihilistic trafficking premise becomes a journey of adrenaline-fueled action, bone-crunching noir undergrounds, and punchy-dialogue seeing the rise of a new, rugged, age-defying Irish archetypal tough back in ’09: Liam N. 8/10.

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Inception (2010)

A complex masterpiece delve into the subconscious and REM-hypnagogic mystery of a world off-limits to most filmmakers, Nolan achieves the unimaginable – genius, magnificently acted, visceral, impressionist, mind-blowing dream-heist film. 9.5/10.

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Takers (2010)

One of the craziest casts ever in one heist movie, Takers proves wrong the rule of major celebrity-cameos necessarily dooming a film – a world of stylized clockwork bank heists by notorious criminals that feasts on cast’s starpower/synergy. 7.9/10.

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