Christine (1983)

A ’50’s Plymouth Fury with a temper as passionate-red as its sleek round chrome-chassis, Carpenter [despite not being quite as sharp as his directorial palette used to be] brings Stephen King’s classic hot-rod revenge-of-the-nerd novel to life with fiery ’80’s vengeance. 7.5/10.

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Plot Synopsis: Unpopular nerd Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon) buys a 1958 Plymouth Fury, which he names Christine. Arnie develops an unhealthy obsession with the car, to the alarm of his jock friend, Dennis Guilder (John Stockwell). After bully Buddy Repperton (William Ostrander) defaces Christine, the auto restores itself to perfect condition and begins killing off Buddy and his friends. Determined to stop the deaths, Dennis and Arnie’s girlfriend, Leigh Cabot (Alexandra Paul), decide to destroy Christine.

Official CLC Score: 7.5/10