Cuphead (2017)

An indie run-and-gun masterpiece rich in nostalgic 1930’s cartoon stylism, palatial charm & detail poured into every frame, old-school jazz/swing-infused score, and breathtaking adventure. One of the 2000’s greatest (and hardest) video games. 10/10.

Plot Synopsis: Cuphead is a run and gun video game developed and published by StudioMDHR. Announced in 2013, the game was released for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One in September 2017, for macOS in October 2018, and for Nintendo Switch in April 2019.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

CLC’s Official Best Cuphead Levels: 1. Fiery Frolic, 2. High Seas Hi-Jinx!, 3. Botanic Panic!, 4. All Bets Are Off!, 5. Murine Corps, 6. Threatenin’ Zeppelin, 7. Forest Follies, 8. Carnival Kerfuffle, 9. Junkyard Jive!, 10. Pyramid Peril, 11. Mausoleum I, 12. Funfair Fever, 13. Aviary Action!, 14. Phantom Express, 15. Dramatic Fanatic, 16. Rugged Ridge, 17. Clip Joint Calamity, 18. Honeycomb Herald, 19. Sugarland Shimmy, 20. Perilous Piers

Positives: Incredible indie run-and-gun game design wreaking of nostalgic joy and old-world cartoons that’s simply a treat and unique in today’s world, insane difficulty and truly challenging gameplay that will have any gamer on the edge of their seat and hooked instantly to beat the levels, phenomenal character and world design and gameplay differences that truly challenge you every level and feel different and tributary to old-world classic games in every new level, great multi player capability, phenomenal idea and storyline that’s surprisingly dark for its appearance and no doubt entertaining, kind of feels like an all-star gaming and nostalgia experience that brings together (good and bad thing) all the past icons from gaming and nostalgia like Mickey Mouse and old Disney cartoons (clearly borrowed in character design and Cuphead’s outfit and gloves), Mario Bros in multiplayer, Pokemon in world design and map, Popeye and Pacman in powerups and certain characters and so on, attention to detail and authenticity from the era of 1930’s cartoons that inspired it including traditional hand drawn cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings that you can’t help but notice and appreciate, phenomenal final boss world that’s like an indie run-and-gun within an indie run-and-gun with King Dice and the epic Devil fight, difficulty game you’re going to easily fail 1000+ times at and takes tons of times to finally learn the combos and timing intricacy surgical precision in every movement some whine and complain that makes it ‘too hard’ but the whole point of video games is to challenge you, make you work, and hone your hand-eye coordination. makes ALL THE SWEETER when you finally earn that blood sweat and tears level conquer and soul contract, storyline itself fantastic dark in soul-collecting basically doing the devil’s grunt rokw intrigue and adds an adult bulayer to all the cartoonism, PHENOMENAL cartoon aniomation and world building my favorite game of all-time visually a masterpiece unlike anything else we’ll ever see in video game history to come hand-drawn old-world 30’s stylism nostlagia to golden age saturday morning cartoons cereal-filled you watched as a kid absolutely BRILLIANT -, world-building and design pulls elements and homages to all thhe greats of cartoon and video game lore pokemon mickey mouse mario zelda etc., combines battle boss fights withh traditional NPC platforming in the run-n-gun missions to get coins you can spend for awesome upgrades creating its own self-sustaining economy, story great too gives characters stakes and fleshes out personality like to gamble also childlike innocence conned make mistake have to avenge and grow as characters against ultimate foe, character designs throughout the game magical changed my life, masterpiece of gaming, diversity of locations and cartoons each one different trope of classic toons reinvented and reimagined on biggest possible scale, phenomenal characterizxation and character dynamic cutscenes alone tell a story no surprise it was picked up for a massive multi-million $ price by netflix looking to cash in on what I wholeheartedly believe (with the right direction and franchisization) could be the next Pokémon/Mario/Zelda-level franchise – and I hope they release sequels to with new levels worked equally as quality rich

Negatives: busy visually during 2-player co-op – almost unplayable in 2p onward which does defeat some of hte purpose of sharing this masterpiece with friends, makes you beat every boss on regular difficulty before getting to the final level which is TOO tough – I’m all for challenges but it takes like 100 tries on each level to beat it so they should let you beat the game on simple first then regular as i’d come back but don’t want to not feel closure and lose the hype of getting to the boss level

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