Daddy Day Care (2003)

The same type of sexist-stigmatization against fatherhood we see across society [making childcare seem like brain-surgery for some reason.. exclusionary and for-women-only, counterproductive to proper parenting] in juvenile comedy form – with a neutered-Eddie Murphy spraying family-flavored, self-deprecative movie turds just like its infamous scene doing anything for a paycheck. 1/10.

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Plot Synopsis: While his wife, Kim (Regina King), brings home the bacon, unemployed Charlie (Eddie Murphy) spends his days caring for the couple’s young son. With help from a friend, Phil (Jeff Garlin), Charlie decides to start a day care center. Enrollment quickly surges, and, as they add another employee, goofy Marvin (Steve Zahn), Charlie finds himself dealing with endless red tape. Will he be able to keep the business afloat, or will parents defect to Mrs. Harridan’s (Anjelica Huston) day care center?

Official CLC Score: 1/10