Daredevil (2014)

S1 – 8.5/10 / S2 – 6/10

Plot Synopsis: Daredevil follows blind lawyer Matt Murdock living in New York City’s Hell Kitchen. Crime-ridden and overtaken by thugs and dark bosses, he adopts the persona of Daredevil and uses his other heightened senses to fight crime and bring justice.

*Possible Spoilers Ahead*

Series Review: Dark, mature, brooding, cynical, heavy, & chiaroscuric with a career-role by Charlie Cox juxtaposing a complex, show-stealing villain by Vincent D’Onofrio, Daredevil is one of the best Marvel projects & the king of the M.-Netflix consortium – despite it, like its character, copying ~heavily from pre-existing Batman mythology/aesthetics. 8.5/10.

S1 – Dark, brooding, cynicism-heavy, and impeccably-crafted with a perfect lead casting in Charlie Cox, radically-inventive fight choreography, and a legendary/complex/human-centric villain performance by screen-stealing Vincent D’Onofrio bringing one of Marvel’s heavy-hitters to life: Kingpin, Netflix’s new project Daredevil is fantastic television. 8.5/10.

S2 – A deliciously-dark, bohemian opening bringing another massive Marvel antihero to life in a phenomenal Bernthal-helmed Punisher arc that ends too *way* too quickly inexplicably sequestering him away fro mthe action devolves into a wildly-uneventful, problematically-paced Elektr(icity)-deprived slog of a second half a FAR-cry the brilliant S1’s quality. 6/10.

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