DC Animated Films

Flashpoint Paradox – 9/10 / Justice League: War – 9.2/10 / Superman v Shazam – 8.7/10 / The Dark Knight Returns – 8.6/10 / GL: First Flight – 7.6/10 / Son of Batman – 6/10 / JL: Dark – 8/10 /

GL: First Flight – Painfully slow, uneventful first half w/ poor characterization & rushed backstory, but lights up to phenomenal in the second half, esp in Sinestro arc. 7.6/10.

Pros: Great first transformation sequence into GL, good voice acting overall and most importantly for Hal and Sinestro, fantastic scenery animation and world-building, REALLY lights up like a firework after a pretty painfully bad first half like the flick of the switch when it starts to explore Sinestro as the villain – YES, thank you that is the best way to do an origin story for GL as he is the most iconic villain and choices for highlighting the cores of what GL means and provides a great and intriguing villain that’s strong by any classical fiction metric, absolutely INCREDIBLE second half!!!! – jaw-dropping storytelling and execution of the deliciously villainous Sinestro and heart-racing action sequences that feel as exciting as a blockbuster, the second half and ending fights and Hal vs. Sinestro are so perfect, I would argue that if the backstory was more fleshed out and Ro story greatly thinned, this would be the PERFECT GL origin story film even putting the live-action movie to shame -why do they not just use these as templates for the live-action movies? The story gold/script is ALREADY there.., good length, brisk pacing and walloping cinematic action sequences, strong ending

Cons: Way too rushed an opening sequence – needed way more character introduction/development to show Hal’s backstory & why he deserves to be GL, as well as bad pacing and execution in the uninteresting first half of the film

Overall Rating: 7.6/10

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