DC: League Of Super Pets (2022)

Despite A+ lush vibrance-injected animation, capable voice-cast/acts, and comic book inside jokes ~mostly working for targeted younger demographics [& would’ve worked as a B-feature alongside a *real* Live-Action CBM League like.. I don’t know.. the Justice kind (Darkseid & J.L. 2 sitting right there if the studio gets its head out of the litter-box)], TLOS is breadcrumbs to a fandom starving for more than exploitative pet kitsch/gimmicks by a WB in comprehensive mgmt chaos & ineptitude. 5/10.

Plot Synopsis: Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are inseparable best friends, sharing the same superpowers and fighting crime side by side in Metropolis. However, when the Justice League are kidnapped, Krypto must convince a ragtag group of animals x superpets to master their own newfound powers for a rescue mission.

Full Review Delayed (Personal Crisis)