Entourage (2004)

A celebration of youth, excess, and tinseltown-elegance working as a satirization of everything L.A. is, Entourage is alchemized mixture of magnetic characterization, our 20’s dream lives, & pure viewing spectacle: overflowing Hollywood-glam. 8.5/10.

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Plot Synopsis: Led by Vince, an actor deemed the next big thing, four buddies migrate west from Queens, N.Y. Usually within his reach are his less successful half brother, Drama; Vince’s best friend, Eric; and their irrepressible pal, Turtle. As the foursome adjusts to Tinseltown’s fast pace and frantic deal-making, Vince’s take-charge agent, Ari, exerts his influence — often to Eric’s annoyance.

Official CLC Score: 8.5/10