Everybody Hates Chris

Nostalgic, hilarious, and meticulously crafted by narrator/showrunner Chris Rock, Everybody Hates Chris is a loveable coming-of-age NY-set family comedy. 7.6/10.

Set in Brooklyn, NY in the 1980’s, Everybody Hates Chris chronicles famous comedian Chris Rock’s childhood and teenage years.  Surrounded by eccentric family members like cheap father Julius, intimidating mother Rochelle, spoiled sister Tonya, and perfect younger brother Drew, Chris ithe show is based on the real life of Chris Rock, who serves as the narrator for the show and is also an executive producer.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Most Memorable Moment: Everybody Hates Basketball episode

Pros: Nostalgic coming of age stories and invocation of the best things about 80’s and black culture and New York City’s neighborhoods, hilarious jokes and direction by genius creator/showrunner/narrator Chris Rock, lovable and phenomenal performance as unlucky kid Chris Rock by Tyler James Williams, absolutely hilarious character in cheapskate Julius by Terry Crews – my favorite in the show, strong cast with gifted actors like Terry Crews, Tichina Arnold, and Vincent Martella, phenomenal writing and pacing – leaves you invested the whole time and almost every joke hits, memorable and genius designed/written band of side characters like Mr. Omar, Doc, Malvo, Risky, etc., wowing Sopranos tribute ending (although wished they actually showed what happened)

Cons: Imani Hakim’s Tonya near unbearably annoying, needed at least 5 seasons – ends abruptly and disappointingly without knowing what really happened.. would have LOVED to see Chris start trying to make it in comedy in Season 5 as it tracks Chris Rock’s career and have a tough time believing that no network would take that genius a pitch

Overall Rating: 8.7/10