F-Zero X

With an awesome metal soundtrack, crisp steering, & cool dystopian futuristic design, F-Zero X is a solid new addition to Nintendo’s powerhouse arsenal. 7.5/10.

Most Memorable Moment: Big Blue.. what a map!

Pros: Absolutely incredible metal soundtrack -one of the coolest video game soundtracks I can remember, awesome home screen art, lots of choices of characters/cars, phenomenal crisp controls for a racing game especially on n64 which is known for having shoddy controlling sometimes, stunning background art and futuristic design (shame the graphics are awful and what no doubt held it back frkm mainstream success), great multiplayer especially 4-way, high speed octane races, solid character design including captain falcon the mascot, hits a soft spot for hardcore gamers who remember the original F Zero the father of all cyber racers while updating it for a new generation, tons of challenging and incredible maps that are a joy to play especially Mute City and my favorite: Big Blue.. wow what a map!

Cons: No story mode or real introduction to the characters which heavily limits investability and enjoyment for newcomers, lots of character/vehicle options but no specific customizability of outfit/vehicle, graphics pretty poor and make it look generic- shame considering how cool the designs are.. why didn’t nintendo spend more time on them as graphics are absolutely crucial to any video game

Overall Rating: 7.5/10