George Of The Jungle (1997)

A made-for-TV Tarzan-satire with a screen-stealing lead by Brendan Fraser – given okay hit-and-miss slapstick writing and wacky jokes enough to make child audiences go bananas.. but adults ready to swing for the exits. Still, it’s damn-likable to see Disney spoof their own stuff. 6/10.

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Plot Synopsis: George (Brendan Fraser) has raised himself since since he was a baby and a plane crash stranded him in an African jungle. Now an adult, George has his first human contact in years when he rescues explorer Ursula Stanhope (Leslie Mann) from a lion. George and Ursula connect, and she leaves her fiancé, Lyle (Thomas Haden Church), and takes George back to San Francisco. But when George learns that his gorilla buddy has been captured, he and Ursula return on a rescue mission.

Official CLC Score: 6/10