GoldenEye 007

Pioneering the entire genre of first person shooters with classic Bond action but a legendary multiplayer, GoldenEye 007 is one of the most influential games ever. 8.4/10.

Most Memorable Moment: Iconic 007 Opening Sequence

Pros: Incredible 007 themed Nintendo and iconic Bond opening sequence with the bullseye shot – iconic, high octane soundtrack, great textures and world-building with stunningly cinematic/looking missions, reactive controls, challenging missions, sheer legacy being one of the biggest games of all-time for what it gave to the genre and changed gaming history pioneering the entire genre of FPS (first person shooters) that all of the biggest games of All-Time from Call of Duty to Halo owe a lot of their existence to – actually plays likr an early stage call of duty which is incredible and would’ve been dang near perfect if they had a secondary controller

Cons: gameplay can be frustrating – REALLY needs a secondary control stick to be able to move woth one and maneuver/look around with the other – huge flaw that holds back an otherwise great and still groundbreaking game

Overall Rating: