Gravity (2015)

A cinematographical achievement and epic-scale evolution of what’s possible in moviemaking, Gravity is a survival-odyssey of remarkable experience set in the unfathomable abyss of space and the unknown – making you feel its untethered glory juxtaposed with ice-veins, viscerally-overloading terror, despite a plot that ~shrinks in comparison to the senses. 8/10.

Out in the cold yet beautiful wonder of space, disaster strikes a shuttle and routine space walk heralded by crewmembers Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) and Matt Kowalsky (George Clooney). Left stranded in deep space with few if any options to survive, Ryan and Matt have to reevaluate their humanity and the mystery of space in order to return to Earth.

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Pros: Intense opening and infographic that sets the tone well, jaw-dropping cinematography beautifully painting the cold & lifeless yet beautiful & primordial space, good humor and well-written dialogue, great characters and big-boy cast of actors that deliver especially George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, an intense visual experience where few men and no average moviegoers have ever gone before, old-fashioned slow-building character development and suspense, BREATHTAKING and hEART-THUMPING opening act showing the crash- really feels like you’re there with the genius addition of POV shots and thoroughly developed characters, phenomenal length in 1hr 30 min and pacing – gets right to the action and doesn’t let up until you truly need to catch your breath, fantastic scoring with 80’s/sci-fi synths and drums that match the film’s action precisely and diligently, all-inclusive script that features jump scares, deep & sad moments, sci-fi splendor, true escalation of suspense in Hitchock-ian fashion, and impeccable direction by del Toro, great symbolism and artistic interpretation/complexity – like a moving work of art – this is why I love cinema, perfect first act and great final act after a problematic and ill-executed/boring middle act – George Clooney carries the film with a charismatic and loveable performance and when he’s absent – a lot during the last 45 min or so it’s painfully noticeable even though Bullock’s a great actress too, epic conclusion as Ryan gets less annoying and perks up to great effect making her likeable and rootable for as a true showcase of cinematic marvel and splendor

Cons: huge lull in the middle act when the action shift away from out in the vastness of space to closed-quarters in the ISS – Ryan gets a little tiring after a while and the pacing gets too slow

Overall Rating: 8/10