Horton Hears A Who (2008)

Despite okay Nool naturalized cinematography, HHAW is a weirdly-characterized, frenzied, and miscast animated CG-adventure based on one of Dr. Seuss’ [few] mediocre books – one that wastes not only Carrell, but Carrey too far out-of-his-element. 4/10.

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Plot Synopsis: Animated elephant Horton (Jim Carrey) finds a speck of dust floating in the Jungle of Nool. Upon investigation of the speck, Horton discovers the tiny city of Who-ville and its residents, the Whos, which he can hear but cannot see. Horton forms a friendship with the mayor of Who-ville, Ned McDodd (Steve Carell), and promises to transport Who-ville to safety. However, Horton encounters opposition from his jungle neighbors, who don’t want to believe in the existence of Who-ville.

Official CLC Score: 4/10