Jurassic World: Dominion (2022)

The Conclusion To The Jurassic Era Works As A ~Totalitarian Experience – A Wild Prehistoric Reversal Of Apex Predation & Postapocalyptica W. A+ Fandom-Service Bringing ~All Franchise Themes, Characters, Nostalgia, And Dinos Full-Circle, Only T-Rex’d By A Growing Exhaustion Of The [MCU-Blameworthy] Omnipotence Of Team-Blockbusters, Multiverse, Legacy Sequels. 7.9/10.

Plot Synopsis: Four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar, dinosaurs now live and hunt alongside humans all over the world. This fragile balance will reshape the future and determine, once and for all, whether human beings are to remain the apex predators on a planet they now share with history’s most fearsome creatures.

Full Review Delayed (Personal Crisis)