Justice League: War

Near perfection in its execution, superhero roster and bringing together of the titans of comic book history, and introduction to one of the greatest big bads in_fiction:_Darkseid,_JL:War_is_THE_definitive_Justice_League_film._9/10.

Most Memorable Moment: Darkseid introduction, team fight vs. Darkseid, Batman and GL vs. Parademon on the rooftop, Introduction of the JL in DC

Pros: Phenomenal opening completely accurate to the comics and Darkseid opening with Parademons and introducing Green Lantern and Batman to each other with incredible action with the parademon too, absolutely hilarious comedy and interactions between Green Lantern and Batman « you’re not just some guy in a bat costume right?, phenomenal action sequences especially the first one, great voice acting and characterization for every hero – all JL heroes look great too and the perfect roster (although they could’ve changed Shazam for aquaman), strong emotional variety too with powerful discrepancies like the father and son one between silas and cyborg and cyborg’s origin, romanticism too and shippable romance between superman and ww, you can tell this was caringly crafted by comic book fans – this is the absolute PERFECT stepping stone for a greatest of all time Justice league live-action movie if they develop it a bit further, all the basics are there, Darkseid absolutely ICONIC with one of the most badass introductions, power, and voice acting I’ve ever seen – instantly will catapult him into the Top 3 villains all-time for any casual viewer and will make nay comic or DC fan smile uncontrollably, TONS of easter eggs and comic accuracy, great ending and post-credits tease

Cons: Wish there was a little more backstory and introduction to each hero, could’ve been longer overall to solve some of the undercooked intro, wonder woman introduction flawed and kind of cringy and embarrassing normal people, needed more of a scoring, Superman the only non-well characterization – suit meh and voice doesn’t fit as well as needed more hopeful characterization, small flaw – wish the ending would’ve said justice league or

how about.. » before it cuts

Overall Rating: 9/10

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