Kong: Skull Island (2016)

Fast-paced, well-shot, and divergent from its kin in the franchise, Skull Island aggrandizes the action with a good cast – but depthless husk of comparatively-shallow spectacle with a poor setting, bad creature designs, and weird humor tone. 4/10.

When an uncharted island appears on radar in the Pacific Ocean, scientists, soldiers, and and others form a group to explore it. However, they do not find what they were expecting when they come across a gorilla the size of a building named Kong, who is the protector of the island. The journey becomes a quest for survival when multiple primordial threats threaten the group’s ability to make it off the island alive.

*Possible Spoilers ahead*

Pros: Good length (not too long), Good acting especially from John Goodman, Tom Hiddlestron, and Sam Jackson (of course), artsy opening that draws you in, gets straight to the action, cool historical framing in the 70’s, great decision to supersize Kong to make him more menacing and prepare him for his next outing vs Godzilla, Amazing kong initiation sequence, refreshingly different from any previous Kong film

Cons: Skull Island itself less menacing and mysterious, Sense of wonder in 2005’s King Kong lost/lacking in this version, Kong too human-like in design, all creatures on the island (especially Lizard creatures) VERY badly designed and stupid, Step Brothers actor as comedic relief a painfully unnecessary addition and big flaw in a film supposed to be about action, less coherent and richly-written story than Peter jackson’s superior 2005 Kong or the legendary genre-defining 1933 original

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