Krypton (2018)

Shoddily-acted & yet another Superman TV series without its biggest sell: Clark, instead preferring Kryptonian politics.. but with good cinematography, world-building, & [finally] a live-action version of Brainiac and Lobo; Mixed results. 5.2/10.

Years before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel’s home planet, Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, fights to redeem his family’s honor after the House of El is ostracized and shamed over Seg’s grandfather’s false claims of a world-killer coming to Krypton. When an attack on the government is attempted, Seg seizes an opportunity to advance himself and his family by allying with those who sentenced his grandfather to execution and destroyed his family’s name but when evidence that his grandfather’s claims were true is discovered, Seg must work within the system that discarded the House of El in order to protect their future legacy.

*Possible spoilers ahead*

Most Memorable Moment: Opening Intro Season, Val El Death, Brainiac introduction

Pros: Absolutely STUNNING cinematography and set designs/ depiction of Krypton and all worlds rendered, strong opening with Rao and the fall of the House of El’s ancestors, cool futuristic tech and sci-fi imaginative world-building, intriguing main plot once it gets started of a future human coming to warn Kal’s ancestor of a villain coming from the future to destroy him, having freaking BRAINIAC as a villain is too HYPE – one of the greafest villains of All-Time that has been unfathomably given the cold shoulder in TV and movies but deserves to make that stride and finally be given the cinematic recognition he deserves,

Cons: Shockingly shoddy acting and poor choices in bland, uninteresting main characters – evident from even the opening scene how the boy has fake tears and doesn’t even look like he’s ever acted before the way he says bye, actor for Seg a head-scratchingly weak pick and pretty uninteresting main character who looks weird, looks like ANOTHER Superman show – WITHOUT SUPERMAN…,

Overall rating: 7.2/10

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