Limitless (2010)

A new-classic, polished, genius, chicly-stylized thriller of pure-blood sci-fi fascination, charismatic Cooper-led performances, lush/swanky visuals, sex-appeal, luxury, & grime, Limitless impressively executes one of the ultimate concept-pitches. 8.7/10.

Plot Synopsis: Facing unemployment and his girlfriend’s rejection, writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) is sure that he has no future. That all changes when an old friend gives him a drug that produces enhanced mental acuity. Stoked on the untested chemical, Eddie rises to the top of the financial world and attracts the attention of a tycoon (Robert De Niro) who intends to use him to make a fortune. But terrible side-effects and a dwindling supply threaten to collapse Eddie’s house of cards.

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