Little Giants (1994)

A tale of small-town gridiron and underdogisms core to the spirit of America explored through its biggest game with perhaps the best set of intangibles, LG is a classic, rootable, acutely-comedic, and limitlessly-charming ’90’s family sports picture – buoyed by strong child performances, NFL cameos, and Moranis/O’Neil’s chemistry. 7.6/10.

Plot Synopsis: Ever since childhood, nerdy Danny O’Shea (Rick Moranis) has felt inferior to his brother, Kevin (Ed O’Neill), a former college football star. Danny runs a gas station, while Kevin coaches the local youth football team. When Kevin’s team rejects Danny’s daughter, Becky (Shawna Waldron), because she’s a girl, Becky convinces her dad to start a rival team, though the city can support only one. To prove himself against his brother, Danny begins coaching his team of misfits for a playoff game.

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