Mario-Party 2

With classic mini-games, stunning map design, and a phenomenal soundtrack and endless multiplayer fun, Mario Party 2 is one of the best in the series. 8.6/10.

Most Memorable Moment: Opening music theme and title card, bowling minigame, pirate’s cove theme, crane game, toad bandstand,

Pros: Great opening story sequence giving backstory to how Mario Party’s origins began, absolutely INCREDIBLE soundtrack & themes- one of the best and most fun in game history, amazing variety and number of worlds to choose from customizability of adventure, huge customizability even in the game settings even the newer Mario Party’s up to 10 seem to lack like number of turns, bomus, etc., PHENOMENAL world design and BREATHTaKINGLY great minigames – perhaps th ebest mini games of any such type of game ever created in their intricacy, complexity, and entertainment value, competitiveness inspired being a game that effectively forces teammwork and cooperation for many of he minigames which makes it GREAT for social gatherings or parties with multiplayer play, introcate item selection which adds even more customizability and strategy to the game too and puts all other mario party games to shame with ones like the warp block and skeleton key, improves pretty much everything from the original,

Cons: Not designed for single player so it can make it ~problematic when trying to play that way – only flaw and a minor one, having switches resend you to the start of the map often is pretty aggravating, game still kind of relies on luck, games too long with too many turns

Overall Rating: 10/10