Mario Party 5

Expanding the market and possibilities for party multiplayers with great set design, fun minigames, and a unique board-game-on-steroids aura with all the franchise’s essentials, the first Mario Party is revolutionary. 8.7/10.

Most Memorable moment: 1. Mario’s rainbow Castle map, 2. yoshi’s tropical island, 3. symphony conductor minigame, 4. pirahna plant in the rain minigame

pros: the idea revolutionary starting one of the biggest and most fun party game franchises of all-time – deserves respect for just how much this game changed everything and paved the way for endless possibilities in multiplayer mini-games frenzy and mario-hype board game genius, opening credits intro explaining how mario party came to be (although haphazardly executed), extremely well-explained in the rules and gameplay especially when they were just making the prototype and seeing how far this idea could go, gorgeous map designs like Mario’s Rainbow Castle and Yoshi’s Tropical island, vivid colorful set designs and strong textures for the time, fun minigames (not the best of the series but many classic ideas are there and they fit the bill), much more strategy based than its predecessors which is a great thing as it makes it more fun thag ghetems a method to it and skill and planning actually help

cons: opening credits intro a little lazily executed, a little limited on gameplay options/customizability, some of the games’ sensitivity/controls are off like cast aways, goving away stars at the end of the game kind of defeats the purpose of the more strategy-based gameplay

overall rating: 8.7/10

mario party 3 – With probably the best minigames of the entire Mario Party series and intricate gameplay fixing past problems, but busy map design and meh universe star idea, MP3 is almost the best in the series but not quite. 8.7/10.

best minigames: hide and sneak, hey batter batter, put out the fire

pros: best minigames of the series!!! – so many new ones and phenomenally designed ones that have incredible control, gameplay, and entertainment value alone,  good variability in maps – everything from chilly waters to absolutely incredible textures – one of if not the best looking game in N64 imo, best soundtrack of all mario parties – silky synths and flutes make for a cool but also fun accompaniment, extreme customizability – giving you options to turn on or off anything possible in the game from certain minigames to even that annoying star bonus at the end that killed all purpose of starategy in mario party all fixed!!! making it way more fun and strategy-based and not luck anyone can win with,

cons: opening a little corny making it that important of a universal star power – it’s a multiplayer board game bro, map design uglier and busier than past mario parties – not easy on the eyes and that’s a shame, not having real toad as the referee a bummer

overall rating: 8.7/10

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