Marvel Films & TV Ranked

1. Into The Spider-Verse (2018), 2. Capt. America: The Winter Soldier (2014), 3. Spider-Man 2 (2004), 4. Wandavision+ (2021), 5. Civil War (2016), 6. Iron Man (2008), 7. Daredevil (2014), 8. The Avengers (2012), 9. Logan (2017), 10. Black Panther (2018)

Plot Synopsis: The Red Logo that’s grown to world-domination by the power of 21st-century blockbuster moviemaking & dark-horse studio bets on characters ~nobody knew/wanted pre-’08 MCU, Marvel wasn’t the first superhero brand when it opened doors in 1939 – copying nearly every hero they have from DC Comics’ pre-established mythology of comics, but later giving them more humanity.. & lots of movies & TV shows. Ranked.

CLC’s Official Marvel Films Ranking

1. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (2018)

Brilliant in groundbreaking comic book visual style artfully innovating the genre, masterful scripting balancing decades of Spider-lore, perfect tonal mixing, & a magnetic Miles performance fueled by swanky jazz beats & graffiti. Best Marvel film of All-Time. 9.5/10.

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

A political, artistic interpretation of government corruption and Cap’s fight to restore freedom with swift pacing, phenomenal direction by the talented Russo brothers, and an incredible villain, CA: TWS is Marvel’s 2nd best film ever. 9.2/10.

3. Spider-Man 2 (2004)

A masterclass in character study and how to truly delve into the psychological implications of superheroics & its titular hero, along with an uncanny Doc Ock by Alfred Molina and romance escalation with Dunst’s MJ, SM2 is an All-Time great superhero film. 9.2/10.

4. Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Expansive in scope and detailed in execution with a praise-worthy (mostly) non-childish tone, political undertones in its smart deliberation of superheroicism casualties/side effects, thrilling pacing, great new additions, and a stunning final Iron Man/Cap battle, despite a much smaller scale than the comics’ Civil War and few jarring joke placements, this version delivers a powerful and important contribution to the MCU. 8.9/10.

5. Iron Man (2008)

A new era of comic book movies skyrocketed back in 2008, the MCU being born by this ambitious blockbuster as sleek, zealous, and AC/DC as its protagonist. Perfectly cast in Robert Downey Jr.’s wry, sarcastic genius/billionaire/playboy/philanthropist with futuristic tech, energy, (mechanized) heart, and a responsibility/weapons arc vital to the New Age of 21st Century Technology and America, Iron Man is the Malibu-cliff bedrock a franchise could be (and was) built upon. 8.9/10.

6. The Avengers (2012)

Expertly weaving multiple superheroes for the first time on the big-screen in live-action – with amazing set pieces, skilled character balances, psychologically-tricky villain, & epic action scenes, The Avengers innovates blockbuster moviemaking – the Marvel comic book you read as a kid come to life. 8.7/10.

7. Logan (2017)

A final outing for Wolverine fret with neo-western touches, hard-R violence, & poignance in family backbone through a visceral character study, Logan makes efficient use of Jackman & grit – despite TDK-imitation, miscast X-23, & excessive edginess. 8.6/10.

8. Black Panther (2018)

Culturally-authentic, powerfully anchored by Chadwick Boseman’s royalty of presence, fluid in action sequences, afrofuturistic, & one of the most compelling villains in the villain-problematic MCU by Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger, Black Panther is one of the best MCU movies – and a groundbreaking milestone for representation & cinematic globalism. 8.5/10.

9. X-Men: First Class (2011)

Phenomenally acted with strong cast/performances led by show-stealing McAvoy’s Professor X & Fassbender’s downright-chilling Magneto, great visual FX, expert handling of the comics, compelling villain, & stylish direction/tone, First Class is the definitive X-Men film. 8.4/10.

10. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

The end of an era, Endgame wraps up the Infinity Saga in epic style with massive fandom service, emotional gravitas, a darker Thanos, psychological war-aftermath reflection, & one of the wildest and best final acts in blockbuster history – despite a safe exploration of IW’s cliffhanger potential, ~clichéd time-travel arc, and Fat Thor/dabbing Hulk. 8/10.

11. Deadpool (2016)

A wildly-refreshing subversion of everything comic book films often take too weightily beforehand, Deadpool is a bold, hilarious, & perfectly-irreverent hard-R take on the genre – with stereotypical superhero plotting but a career-definitive casting in Ryan Reynolds. 8/10.

12. Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Epic and action-packed with a monstrous canvas of superheroicism, reality-wielding tyrannical villain, & stunning ending, Infinity War overcomes pacing, Thanos design, and narrative-overstuffing problems to deliver a colossal crossover event. 7.5/10.

13. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

A neon-colored, pop-infused sci-fi/fantasy epic from the wildly-imaginative mind of Taika Waititi, Thor: Ragnarok boldly reimagines the CBM genre – with nice Hulk v. Thor action, bleeding-edge idiosyncrasy, and [mixed] silly/juvenile hit-and-miss humor exposition on dark Norse mythology. 7.5/10.

14. X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

An emotionally-rich sequel tackling the legacy of protagonists & complex/intricate time-travel storyline, although ~wholly ripped-off from DC’s Flashpoint Paradox & Terminator 1/2, DOFP is a great continuation of Fox’s modern X-Men series. 7.5/10.

15. Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

Locationally-diverse with a better + more-accurate (independent) Spidey, stunning VFX, personal-growth arcs, romance with a softer MJ, & brilliant Gyllenhaal Mysterio, FFH corrects most of Homecoming’s flaws for fresh Euro-adventure. Adjusted ~7.4/10.

16. Iron Man 3 (2013)

A shockingly-indie feel for a Marvel movie with mega-ambitious action sequences, phenomenal new castings, and fantastic trilogy-ending character development, challenged by one of the most inane twists in movie history – wasting Kingsley & insulting comics-lore. Mixed. 7.1/10.

17. X-Men (2000)

One of the biggest milestones in making superhero movies as popular as they are today (after 1978’s Superman) & introducing iconic characters, 2000’s X-Men doesn’t entirely hold up to today’s CBM standards or visual capabilities, but is an important classic. 7.1/10.

18. Spider-Man (2002)

The first comic book movie I ever saw and the start of a generation of Marvel movies, SM’s impressive character-based storytelling, lovable (albeit old-looking) Maguire-lead, heart, romance, & good action against Dafoe’s chilling-yet-inaccurate Green Goblin compel. 7/10.

19. Iron Man 2 (2010)

The most visually-resplendent MCU movie bleeding pure blockbuster fun free of origin/secret-identity hinderances with more of RDJ’s unforgettable Stark + Black Widow & War Machine, IM2 is a passable follow-up to the phenomenal original – despite an entirely forgettable villain. 6.7/10.

20. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Reinvigorating and fresh, The Amazing Spider-Man may lack finesse and have a subpar choice in (lizard-y) villain, but features top-tier action inventively shot, stunning visuals, and the best & most comic-accurate Spider-Man to date in Andrew Garfield. Adjusted ~6.5/10.

21. Hulk (2003)

Ang Lee’s 2003 stylistically fresh take on the Hulk, although plagued by an over-penchant for talking instead of smashing, still features plenty of cynical insight and duality exposition as well as comic visuals that aged better but still doesn’t (filmically) smash. 6.2/10.

22. Spider-Man 3 (2007)

The finale of Raimi’s game-changing Spider-Man trilogy is fine, but worst of the series. Boundary-pushing & singularly-dark with Venom thrills and well-executed jealousy arc, SM3 is passable entertainment but suffers from an overly-split narrative, CGI, & overcrowded canvas. 6.2/10.

23. Guardians of The Galaxy (2012)

An inventive sci-fi saga respectably developing complete unknown characters into a plucky antihero cast by Gunn with a fantastic funk ’80’s soundtrack, but joke of a villain, mediocre/juvenile comedy, and moronic gag Dance-Off ending amongst the most anticlimactic & puerile ever. 5.6/10.

24. Fantastic Four (2005)

Getting the Fantastic Four’s tone right with strong castings of mega-starpower – despite being admittedly not-yet the great actors they’d later become, nice era-CGI, fine storytelling, and iconic villain in Dr. Doom, 2005’s FF is the most underrated Marvel movie. 5.2/10.

25. Thor (2010)

Respectably serious tone with arguably the best and most dazzling visuals and cinematography of any Marvel movie to date, plus a well-cast mighty lead in Hemsworth and snakey Loki, Thor is almost passable but flawed & esoteric in ~contrived storyline. 5.2/10.

26. Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

An extremely weak AI-vision of Ultron & generic plot hold back AOU from its predecessor’s heights: decent popcorn entertainment with a surprisingly darker tone & great new characters led by Olson’s Scarlet Witch, but a mess of tonal gratings, direction, and antagonism. 4.2/10.

27. Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

A retro military film vibe with a career-role lead casting in the charismatic Chris Evans and jubilant nostalgic Americana, but wasted potential having Cap go around campaigning instead of fighting Nazi’s the whole time – and criminally-underutilized Red Skull. 4/10.

28. Ant-Man (2015)

Although funny with fine size-shifting VFX and good casting in Rudd against the hilarious Michael Pena, it’s downright impossible to take this (poorly-designed) bug copy of DC’s original shrinking hero The Atom, or lame yellow-jacket villain, remotely seriously. Adjusted ~4/10.

29. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

With overloaded cringy jokes, not even remote comic-accuracy in portrayal, miscast MJ, waste of Michael Keaton, & the inexcusable decision to insult Spider-Man making him a tech-copped Iron Man’s lackey, the aptly-acronymed SM:H thoroughly disappoints true Spidey fans. 4/10.

30. Doctor Strange (2016)

Trippy in good visual-FX with a perfectly-cast Benedict Cumberbatch-neurosurgeon and refreshing eulogization to the Medical world, Doctor Strange doesn’t live up to its hippocratic oath of genre-innovation/evolution: a formulaic origin, entirely-forgettable joke of a Kaecilius villain wasting Mads Mikkelsen, white-washing of Asian culture, & tonal inconsistencies. 3.7/10.

31. Captain Marvel (2019)

An unoriginal WW/Supergirl/Green Lantern-ripoff with ultra-politicized one-liners, weak (contrived) origin-clichéd plotting, complete waste of the legendary Skrulls, gimmicky cat-pandering, & absolute *trainwreck* casting in Brie Larson wasting an important hero. 3.2/10.

32. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

After the freshness of ASM1, this dramatically-underperforms with too many & mediocre villain choices, meh CGI, & shockingly-bad acting from everyone but Stone/Garfield, whom I frankly feel bad for having such incredible talent & chemistry wasted. 3.2/10.

33. Blade (1998)

Despite the ensorcelling-badassery of Wesley Snipes’ half-human/half-immortal protagonist & fierce noir-like vision of a comic book genre future, Blade’s ridiculous plot/concept and laughable CGI coax this vampire-hunter back to shadows. 3.2/10.

34. F4: Rise Of The Silver Surfer (2007)

One of Marvels’ heavy-hitter cosmic big bads comes to town in this blockbuster-scale sequel to the original – one with the same stellar cast, funny power-switches, and great CGI amongst the best of the early-2000’s, though its hackneyed, simplistic, banal end-of-the-world plot overwhelms with clichés and leaves much to-be-desired. 3/10.

35. Deadpool 2 (2018)

Despite the charm of Reynolds’ perfectly-cast Deadpool, a good post-credits scene, baby legs, and Peter, Deadpool 2 is a disappointment of a sequel – filled with plot/tonal-inconsistencies, a bizarre start, undercooked antiheroes led by a wasted-Brolin’s Cable, hackneyed superteam creation that takes focus off Deadpool, weird visual filters, and teen angst-y villain. 3/10.

36. The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Marvel’s forgotten film but one that not only boasts strong lead acting by the incredible Norton but thrilling, bigger-than-life action and sets, Hulk may lack a strong villain and directorial finesse but does the More-Jekyll-Than-Hyde doctor serviceably. 3/10.

37. Venom (2018)

Tonally confused between strong horror sequences & near-goofy others, messy in CGI, cacophonous, & wildly undercooked in villain + storyline, Venom massively disappoints. 2.7/10.

38. X-Men: Dark Phoenix (2019)

39. The New Mutants (2020)

40. Daredevil (2003)

One of the few dark Marvel movies at least bringing tonal differentiation and Affleck’s talents to mass-audiences, albeit horrifically-executed, overly-edgy, not nearly as cool as it thinks it is, & worse in every conceivable way paling in comparison to the 2014 show. 2.6/10.

41. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)

Predictable, underpowered villain, ok visual effects, & uninspired execution especially disappointing after how legendary the first two chapters of the trilogy were. 2.3/10.

42. Elektra (2005)

Jennifer Garner tries her hardest in this messy-script, sourly-serious movie that squanders an impressive budget & decent comic source material in a squirming romp. 2.3/10.

43. Ant-Man & The Wasp (2018)

A silly, cancerous D-superhero rom-com that, despite a decent (but underdeveloped) villain & quantum CGI, is awful in its overbearing uber-cringy ant humor, almost non-existent plotting, misused cast, razor thin-stretching, & Walmart-generic scoring. 2.1/10.

44. Guardians Of The Galaxy, Vol. 2 (2017)

Filled with an overload of cheesy, cheap forced MCU humor like nipple sensitivity, turd size, & the appalling pander display of Baby Groot, plus subpar CGI, forced dramatics, & cast of has-beens, despite Mantis and a slightly better villain than Vol. 1 (although that wasn’t hard), GoTG Vol. 2 is absolutely awful. 2/10.

45. Thor: The Dark World (2013)

Perhaps the worst villain ever in a blockbuster movie alongside a genericized, uninteresting, dull plot, slow pacing, and lifeless visuals, TDW is a painful step back from its mid predecessor it furthers flaws of – by far: the worst MCU movie. 1.5/10.

46. Fantastic Four (2015)

Horrifically uninspired acting, perhaps the most lifeless visuals ever, a tone feeling like you just got out of a funeral, & seemingly no attempt to even try in writing or direction, 2015’s Fant4stic is an insult to cinema, the worst superhero movie ever, & worst overall-films of All-Time contender. 0/10.

CLC’s Marvel TV Ranking

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1. Wandavision+ (2021)

The beginning of a new TV-era for the MCU & type of creative avant-garde innovation we’ve craved by the franchise for years beyond safe blockbuster formula, WV+ is a beautifully-stylized canvas of TV-nostalgia and authentic period-detail set-design/touches paying homage and deconstructing its entire medium – a meta-sitcom/CBM/mystery of ignis fatuus, phantasmagoria, pure experiential joy, domestic life charm, Americana, cutting-edge innovation, slow-burn villainous intent, twists, & more of Elizabeth Olsen’s fantastic Scarlet Witch. 9.4/10.

2. Daredevil (2014)

Dark, brooding, and incredibly crafted with legendary performances by Charlie Cox as DD and Vincent D’Onofrio as Kingpin, Daredevil is proficient television and an addictive binge (although heavily dependent & trying to be Batman it often gets style-points by gen. audiences for copying and ~mediocre in S2-3). 9/10.

3. The Punisher (2017)

Brutal & serious from Marvel with a strong performance by Walking Dead-veteran Jon Bernthal, but gun-politicized with the same painfully slow pacing plaguing Marvel Netflix. Adjusted ~8.7/10.

4. Spider-Man: The Animated Series (1995)

Strong in animation, wide-spanning in rogue/comic mythology, spectacular in characterization, and thoroughly understanding its titular hero with an immaculate visualization, SM: TAS is one of the definitive animated superhero series. 8.5/10.

5. Legion (2015)

Extremely trippy in VFX-artistry and distortion-laden visuals with a strong lead performance, Legion is – although a bit too esoteric – a great psychic X-Men trip. 8/10.

6. Jessica Jones (2015)

Fine as a crime drama with a great villain in Kilgrave, good lead in Ritter, and okay pacing occasionally tiptoeing pretty slowly, plus outward political pimping and a few questionable plot threads in S1/S2, Jessica Jones is serviceable TV but not really a superhero show. 7.2/10.

7. Cloak & Dagger (2018)

8. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013)

Despite a charismatic turn by MCU-veteran Clark Gregg & decent spy/operative exposition in accordance with its premise, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is underpowered, under-entertaining, & underserved by its [yawn-worthy] superhero-less canvas. 4/10.

9. The Gifted (2017)

ANOTHER X-Men product they’re starting to run the team into the ground with, The Gifted at least delviers solid performances, emotional gravity in mutant exploratory arcs, and powers for a decently serviceable time if you have nothing else to watch. 4/10.

10. Luke Cage (2016)

Good in vintage hip-hop soundtrack with Mahershala Ali carrying, but miscast in main actor, Superman-copied in power/motif, & painfully slow in somnambulant pacing recursion, Luke Cage was the first step to doom for Marvel Netflix. 4/10.

11. Agent Carter (2015)

A full-length series inexplicably greenlit for a D-character in Captain America’s girlfriend, with poor pacing, already-shakily casted Atwell, and absolutely no point in Marvel lore. 3/10.

12. Runaways (2017)

13. The Defenders (2016)

With a horrific choice in villain wasting the iconic Sigourney Weaven, B-list heroes besides Daredevil, and extremely slow pacing with few action scenes, The Defenders is the anti-Avengers that falls flat in every possible way – and reason the Marvel Netflix Universe was cancelled. 2.3/10.

14. Iron Fist (2017)

One of the worst shows I’ve ever seen, Iron Fist continues the trend of painful somnambulist Marvel Netflix series (except DD) w/ an unforgivable whitewashing of martial arts (for an actor who can’t even act!) & ripped off origin. 1/10.

15. Marvel’s Inhumans (2018)

A strong contender in the worst TV series ever made discussion, Inhumans is a legendary disaster boasting shameful F-characters, imbecilic royalty, awful CGI, and some of the worst acting & shriek-worthy castings ever to bludgeon TV. 0/10.