National Treasure (2004)

Though its PG-Disneyfication makes it a comparatively-acclimatized version of what it could’ve been and its patriotism-revisionist storyline is obviously hokey, Natl Treasure is a fascinating, immersive, well-crafted mystery-caper trip down the rabbit-hole of history and archeology with a fantastic Cage lead. 8/10.

Plot Synopsis: Historian and code-breaker Ben Gates (Nicolas Cage) has been searching his whole life for a rumored treasure dating back to the creation of the United States. Joining an expedition led by fellow treasure hunter Ian Howe (Sean Bean), Gates finds an ice-locked Colonial ship in the Arctic Circle that contains a clue linking the treasure to the Declaration of Independence. But when Howe betrays him, Gates has to race to get to the document ahead of his so-called colleague.

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