NBA Street v3

Different in feel than v2 with a strong soundtrack, better location settings, and cool additional features like the inclusion of Nintendo classics, NBA Street V3 maintains its franchise’s strong marketplace placement in basketball games. 8.7/10.

1 – Shoddy textures, corny narrations, plain soundtrack, but setting the aesthetic and street feel to be improved upon later in the series. 5.2/10.

Pros: Good aesthetic taking the NBA and making into a down and dirty streetball feel, lots of gameplay options from single player story/career mode to classic vs, solid gameplay and motifs setting the standards and feel for the series

Cons: Not great textures especially for the platform, opening credits kind of corny, narration REALLY corny “what squad you runnin wit yo!?” cringe, only lets you choose from 5 players on each team for a 3-on-3, very basic soundtrack kind of retconning on the whole street vibe – where’s the hip hop, unnecessary replays, gamebreaker TrAGICALLY underused compared to how great it will become later tin the series

Overall Rating: 5.2/10

3 –

Pros: phenomenal opening intro and hip-hop soundtrack, great textures and streetball design, good gameplay, introduction of mario and nintendo classic characters an awesome addition, incredible court options from the cage to chicago at night, epic gamebreaker in green – that’s a new one, awesome new additions like dunk contest and a revamped create a player with tons of customization possibilities

Cons: gameplay slightly lacking in compared to v2, doesn’t have the groundbreakingness or instant smile effect of v2

Overall rating: 8.5/10