The Mist (2017)

Film (2007) – / Series (2017) – Boring, lifeless characters, not enough horror, over-politicized. Breathtakingly awful television. 2.1/10.

Movie –

Most Memorable Moment:



Overall Rating:

Series (2017) – 1/10

Most Memorable Moment: Opening Scene

Pros: Good opening scene, genius concept by Stephen King (not something the show can take credit for) exploring the horror behind nature fighting back & exposing ugly human nature, good special FX in the mist and abandoned mall setting, actual Mist storyline good/mysterious – too bad it’s given a backseat to painful liberal agenda-pushing

Cons: Boring and uninvestable characters – wow it’s borderline physically painful to watch the family drama and interactions, over-politicized at every turn – I agree with the liberal ideologies too but NO ONE wants to see that when watching a horror show and having things like gay problems, gender politics, assault things, and other issues be shoved down their throats constantly when I thought I was here for a Stephen King story – makes the show nearly unwatchable to the point that I could only get through it fast-forwarding to the only one I care about: The Mist, Eve is officially the most annoying character I have EVER SEEN on TV – the whole Boy-who-cried-wolf mom thing and her “Oh I’m sure that guy hurt my daughter because I SAID SO even though there’s NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER so he is never allowed to even talk to her or save her life or I’ll shoot him/lock him away” storyline is the most pretentious and annoying thing I have ever watched – borderline infuriating, hipster guy is UNBEARABLY annoying, weird, and off-putting, what kind of plot point is that girl goes to a party for the first time as is taken advantage of – are they seriously trying to tell people “don’t go to a party or leave the house to ever be around a guy or something like this will happen!..” absolutely ridiculous and infuriatingly obtuse/insulting to the 99% of guys who are innocent, extremely slow pacing – will turn off a lot of people right away, way overpoliticized and insultingly obvious they’re trying to et some political undercurrents and message out through the dialogues – may agree with some of them but NO ONE wants to be lectured on gender politics + assault while watching a horror/thriller show, insulting as a Millennial to think people will think this crybaby ultra-liberal (like overwhelmingly liberal) represents all of us and that we’re this desperate for attention and getting out some issues that we’ll make a horror show just to push them instead of focus on the horror, the most problematic pacing I have seen in a while – so slow and not-scary it will literally put you to sleep w/o fast-forward, some monumental plot holes like *SPOILER* if Adrian being the one who hurt Alex that night even though he’s gay.. just so “she wouldn’t end up with a guy like (Jay)” even though Jay has been nothing but nice to her and even saved Adrian at the party – central plot device literally makes no sense, ending that is breathtakingly disappointing and does not answer even a single question about what the mist is or what it wants and even leaves more questions unanswered than it ties up – why kill the old woman when it was messaging for you (renders THE ENTIRE SEASON POINTLESS & spits in the face of anyone who suffered through the show to find out what the mist is – I want those 10 hours of my life back), where are all the insects that originally caused terror in the mist at the beginning of the show?, who are all of the prisoners at the end? absolutely nonsensical & shameless cash-grab wasting your time and trying desperately to force a season 2 when there is no show I’d physically protest not to get one as much as this show. Even if people have lost their minds and it does get renewed by some long shot, there is no way on earth I am watching it. I’m out

Overall Rating: 1/10